this long hair thing

Some summers ago. I was sitting in the tram, staring out of the window, deep in thought, when I felt something tugging at my braid. A little baby girl had climbed upon the seat next to me, and was fascinated by my braid. Sure, I could have made a fuss about why her mom had let her invade other people’s privacy, but… she was cute. She loved my braid. And babys don’t have any concept of privacy and that you can’t simply grab a braid. Forgiven.
I wasn’t so nice to those two teenage boys who wanted to steal my hairstick.

I think the only person I know who rather has me with short hair, is my mom. Everybody else raves about it, wants to touch it and is flabbergasted when they see it flying freely in all its glory. Girls, if you want to have men literally spinning on their heels, forget plunging necklines and mini skirts. Long hair, down to your waists. And I can’t even blame those guys honking, craning their heads and almost running into lamp posts… long hair is awesome. I always turn around too when I see a beautiful mane.

Truth to be told, I rarely have my hair down and open. It loves getting tangled and knotty and so I rather keep it in a braid or updo and out of harm’s way. This is also why I think long hair is way easier to care for than short hair. You put it up and away and forget about it for the rest of your day. No daily washing and styling required. And you can have a different look every day. There are a gazillion of braids and buns that will garner you as much attention as lose hair will.

And yes, it takes an eternity to get long. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on the way down. I think I had the most fun with it updo wise when it was around midback. And I probably would cut it back to that length if it wouldn’t mean a way too short braid.