Rugby Championships, Part 1 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 55)

Adelie and Nate face the first rough point in their relationship.

“If Haystack isn’t careful, the Princess is going to roast his tail feathers.” Jake stared through his binoculars to get a better view of the happenings in the sky. Nate shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his parka to keep them from freezing.
“He’ll be lucky if she doesn’t do worse to him…”
“Come on, come on… boom! There, Haystack’s toast.”
“Told ya so.”
The sky was a muddy grey, and the ground did its best to blend with it under a blotchy blanket of snow. The only upside of the terribly cold weather was that the Stingray cockpits didn’t reach oven temperatures as fast as they usually did. Nate couldn’t help but sigh proudly as Adelie touched down perfectly. Jake nudged him. “Stop being so star-struck.”
“You’re just jelly that you don’t have such a kick-ass girlfriend.” He sauntered over to where Adelie had brought her Stingray to a stop. The bubble canopy swung open, and she pulled off her helmet. Wisps of hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and her cheeks glowed pink.
“Nate!” He lived for the way she beamed at him whenever she saw him. “What are you doing here?”
“I have radar exercises soon. Hunting tiny things hidden in the woods. How boring. Awesome dogfight, by the way.”
With a laugh, his beautiful girlfriend exited her plane and climbed down the ladder. “Thank you. Haystack isn’t as difficult to beat as you are.”
He longed to sweep her into his arms and kiss her in the shelter of the plane, but they had a “No kisses on base” agreement, and he knew Adelie wouldn’t sway one iota from her professionalism as long as both of them were wearing flight suits.
“But he’s one of the few true opponents you still have left since Payne refuses to pitch us against each other again.”
“Silly man fears for his equipment…” She shook her head.
“I don’t care as long as this fear means he pairs us up all the time.”
Her hand slipped into his as they walked back. Jake welcomed them with a grin. “What a start to the weekend… nice show of force up there, Adelie. Very impressive.”
“Thank you, Jake.”
“Are you coming to the rugby game tomorrow? I’ll bet Nate has enlisted you for support. If we win, we’re going to the playoffs in Shanghai Five!”
“Yes, and how exciting would that be! Of course, I’ll be there tomorrow.” There was a strange pitch in her voice, and it strummed the string of worry in his stomach. Nate followed her to her locker.
“You’ve got a problem with the playoffs, babe.” He leant against the adjacent locker, watching her stowing her stuff.
“I don’t.”
“Yes, you do. Your voice goes all flat, and your excitement sounds forced.”
She sighed and placed her helmet more carefully than necessary on the top shelf of her locker. She slowly closed the door and locked it, then turned and leant against its metal surface. As her eyes met his, they were large and full of reluctance. He stepped closer, wishing he could wrap her in his arms. No chance. Adelie smoothed the parka over his shoulders.
“I don’t really want to talk about it here and now.”
“Will you tell me tonight?”
She let him wait until after dinner when they were comfortable snuggled up on her bed. With her securely in his arms, he decided to press the matter again.
“So, about the playoffs thing… what’s your trouble?”
Adelie sighed. “It’s foolish. I’m worried… worried that something’s going to happen to you.” Exasperated she tugged at his shirt. “As I said, it’s stupid.”
He gently massaged her neck. “There’s nothing stupid about caring for someone and being worried.” Her eyes glistened. He knew the look on her face, he had seen it before, on Bunker Hill. She was struggling with her emotions and losing. A tear escaped and coursed over her cheek as she looked at him with her damn big brown eyes that had the power to do him in. He needed an out, and unlike the last time she unravelled in his arms, he had one. Tenderly he touched his lips to hers. A sigh. For a while he just held her, kissing her softly now and then. Her hand had slipped under his shirt, stroking his waist.
Eventually, she broke the silence. “When you collapsed on the field, I’ve been so scared like never before in my life. It’s very hard to watch you play since then. Every tackle feels like I’m tackled too. The thought that something could happen to you… that I could lose you…” She shook her head, unable to speak anymore. But he needed no words to understand. Pulling her tightly against him, he kissed her again, trying to tell her without words how important she was to him.

New Horizons, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 54)

Adelie does her darn best to get Nate back on his feet.

Nate had waited all day long to hear Adelie’s footsteps on the porch. He put his book away as she slipped out of her boots in the hallway and the clinks of the coat hangers told him she’d gotten out of her coat. Then his door opened, and her head poked through. A smile appeared as their eyes met.
“Hey. How’s my favourite patient?” She stepped into the room and closed the door, then sat down on the bed next to him.
“Bored to death.”
“Awwww,” Adelie grinned and bowed down to kiss him. Her hair fell over her shoulder, it smelled of fresh cold air. Tiny water droplets sat in it, glinting like diamonds in the light of his lamp.
“Your hair’s wet,” he murmured.
“It’s snowing again. How’s your head?”
“First day without any headaches. I still get dizzy when I get up too fast.” He moved to give her some room and she settled into his arms. She wore one of her super soft white angora sweaters and slim wool pants – it really must be cold outside. “Doc said I can go back to school on Monday, but no flying. Or rugby.”
“That’s great news. I miss our lunch breaks. And you’ll be flying soon enough, Tiger.” She breathed a kiss on his cheek.
“I could get used to you sleeping here every night, though.”
Adelie giggled. “Sure. Even Eddy joked why I don’t move in already.”
Nate buried his face in her hair again. “He just wants someone to talk cars over breakfast.”
“You just want to get laid every night…” Her fingers curled into his hair. He poked his into her waist.
“As if you wouldn’t…”
She laughed and shoved him playfully. “To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a break.”
He snaked his arm around her. “I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Going all growly and sexy won’t help, Mister. You’re not exactly a small size, and I begin to feel quite raw down there.”
This snapped him out of the haze that always clouded his brain when he was close to her gorgeous body. “What? Seriously?”
“A little. It’s okay.”
He hooked a finger into the waistband of her pants. “Let me kiss it and make it better.”
Giggles. A tug on his t-shirt. “You can hold me.”
A demand he gladly fulfilled. Adelie burrowed into him like a small critter seeking shelter and he wondered if she had had a rough day.
“Did Payne give you a hard time?” He brushed soothing kisses on top of her head, feeling her body in his arms slowly unwind. She shook her head and sighed.
“No. It was just was a long and exhausting week.”
He rubbed her back. “C’mere. Relax.”
They fell silent. Soon, Adelie’s breathing became deep and regular, and her body slack. Her head rested on its rightful place on his shoulder, her hand on his stomach and one leg was hooked around his. He remembered how he told Jake how great it was to have her fall asleep in his arms. It still was. Calm and peace seeped from her to him, filled him, recharged him in a way nothing else could. He fitted his hand over hers on his belly, and she made a tiny contented sound. His heart somersaulted with joy.
“I like it when you hold me,” she murmured sleepily.
“I’ve known since Bunker Hill. That moment, when you just couldn’t keep it together anymore. But you let me hold you. Guess I fell for you then and there.”
Her fingers laced through his. “I can’t exactly pinpoint the day I fell for you. But I knew that I liked you a lot more than I thought after you broke Pat’s nose.”
More minutes of silence. He played with the silky strands of her ponytail, and she drew circles on his chest. Snowflakes fell outside the window, white swirls against the winter darkness. He heard how Eddy and Snoot came in from a long and cold day in the workshop, Eddy stomping his boots on the porch to knock off the snow. It must accumulate by now. Maybe they could go on a walk through a transformed winter wonderland tomorrow. Adelie had nodded off again. No matter how enticing her body was to him, he should be a gentleman and grant her a full night of sleep. She had spent every night since his accident with him, but they hadn’t slept a lot. And unlike him, she wasn’t on sick leave and had to attend classes and flight training. Remorse swept through him that he had ignored it and on top of it made her feel chafed. His fingertips found her neck under her hair, and he gently massaged it. Happy purrs were his reward. He tapped her shoulder.
“Hey your majesty, are you planning to move any time soon?”
A grumbled groan. “Not a majesty, not moving.”
“Aren’t you hungry?”
He rolled to his side, forcing her to slide off him. Her gaze was unguarded admiration and happiness. She reached up and pushed her fingers through his hair. “You’re so comfy.”
“You’re a little sleepyhead.”
She also was just the right amount of dishevelled and cute. His plan about getting food got abandoned in favour of staying with her. Brown eyes contemplated him lovingly as she traced his features with her fingertips. He moved to touch his lips to hers. Adelie tilted her head, and her arms wound around his neck. Her warm breath blanketed his skin as their lips met. Lots of tiny, affectionate kisses. Some lingering, some not. He loved the way they fit together, he loved how her hands caressed his neck and how she arched ever so slightly against him. Yielding lips. The powdery scent of her skin. The taste of cherry lipstick. Her hand slipped under his shirt, stroking his bare back.
“I thought you want a break?” He whispered, nibbling at her neck.
“Does this mean I can’t touch you?”
He chuckled. “You can touch me anywhere you like.”
Their eyes met, but there was no defiance in her gaze. Only affection, companionship, desire. There was one word, to sum up all of this. It stood between them, making the air sizzle with anticipation.
“Tiger…” Her voice was raspy. She cupped his jaw and brought their lips together. He’d never kissed a woman like this before. A long, slow burn, devouring not in its intensity, but in its tenderness. A wordless affirmation.
At last, they needed to separate. He rested his head against her forehead, pressing the back of his nose into her velvety cheek. Three words raced through his mind, but he didn’t dare to say them. Adelie saved him once more by whispering: “I’m glad we decided there’s safety in numbers. Otherwise, I’d be running now…”
This inevitably broke the spell and the panic. He kissed her nose tip gently. “Ssh. No need to rush anything. Except maybe your way to bed. Things will look less overwhelming in the morning when you’re awake and well rested.”

New Horizons, Part 4 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 53)

For once, Adelie can’t save Nate and has to confront her own feelings for him in consequence.

It indeed came quickly and with it another rugby match. Adelie recruited Leslie to come and watch it with her. The sun shone from a bright blue winter sky, and breath formed white clouds. Adelie cradled a cup of hot tea in her hands while she watched the two teams being locked around the centre line. The bodies of the players seemed to be steaming in the cold air.
“The guys are lucky, they’re moving about and don’t get cold.”
Jake collided with the other team’s number five and Leslie winced. “Ouch. Yes, they’re running, but frankly, I’m rather cold than dirty.”
Nate had acquired the ball and made a daring dash across the field, but was tackled at the 20 yards line.
“He’s an antelope.” Leslie was in awe. Adelie choked on her tea.
“What? An antelope?”
“Yes! Graceful, fast… especially fast. Look, Jake is more like a wall, and not at all graceful. But he does a great job keeping the others from scoring.”
Leslie was right, Jake was burly and a vital brick in the defence while Nate truly was the more nimble and quick-footed. The referee’s whistle called for half-time. Adelie’s heart jumped as Nate made eye-contact on his way to the locker room and blew her a kiss. Leslie sighed audibly.
“You’re such a lucky girl. He’s like a knight in the tournament, greeting his favourite lady.”
“Should I drop him my handkerchief as a reward?” Adelie grinned. Nate would get his reward for sure this evening, but probably not in the form of a handkerchief.
“What’s with the dreamy expression?” Leslie poked her into her side. “You really like him, don’t you?”
“Of course, I like him! I’ve always liked him.”
“You’re in love.” Leslie sighed again. “How could you not be in love with such a dreamboat.”
Adelie settled in her seat. “Can’t we just say I’m really into him and ditch the L word? I’m a bit apprehensive when it comes to naming things love. It’s nothing else than hormones anyway.”
“Yeah, sure.” Leslie didn’t sound convinced but dropped the issue.
The second half began with a furious run of Westerhaven, scoring three tries in a matter of minutes, bringing them into a comfortable lead. The crowd cheered and sang and everything looked like it would shape into a great Saturday afternoon. Then Nate collided heads first with another player and didn’t get up again. He lay motionless on the green grass and the others waved frantically for the medics. Adelie’s heart skipped a beat and then proceeded to nearly beat its way out of her chest as they put him onto a stretcher and hurried into the catacombs of the stadium. Everything went mute, and a sick feeling settled in her stomach.
Ever since her brother had to spend half a year in one, Adelie had hated hospitals. A pale Nate still in his dirty Westerhaven blue jersey on crisp white bed linens did nothing to like them any more. He was asleep as the nurse let her into the room, after the doctors had reassured her that he was alright. A mild concussion maybe, they’d keep him overnight for monitoring. For a minute she just sat at the side of the bed and watched him sleep. It calmed her nerves considerably. Carefully she took his hand in hers and squeezed it lightly. His fingers curled around hers, and he opened his eyes. For a moment, he just stared ahead, blinking slowly, then he focused on her, and a tired smile appeared.
“Babe.” His voice was thick and coarse, but to her ears, it was the sweetest sound.
“Hey. How are you?”
“Worst headache of my life.”
“Doctors think you have a concussion. You’ll be off anything for a while.”
“Does this include sex?” The jesting panic in his voice told her that Nate indeed was okay. She pulled her chair closer and bent towards him.
“We might have to take things slow for a week or so?” She softly touched her lips to his, feeling his twisting into a smile. His hand slid around her waist and pulled her even closer. She was unaware of her tears until he cupped her face and asked: “Hey, babe – what’s the matter?”
She nodded and sniffled, wiping her cheeks. “You scared me. I was so worried and felt so helpless.”
“Shhh. It’s okay. I’m okay.” His gaze wandered over her face, drinking her up as if he hadn’t seen her in a while. “You’re cute when you’re worried.”
“Nathan…” Overwhelmed by emotion, the only thing she could do was shake her head and brush his hair.
“Just wanted to cheer you up a little.” He pulled her closer and Adelie buried her face in the crook of his neck, inhaling the mix of sweat, cologne and his warm personal scent as if it was a drug. Leslie’s voice echoed in her head. You’re in love. Who was she trying to fool? Yes, she was completely in love with this boy.

New Horizons, Part 3 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 52)

The morning after is not quite as Adelie has expected it to be.

Frantic scrambles. A sorry, likely from Eddy. Steps on the wooden stairs, across the upper hallway, a door closing. Adelie exhaled audibly.
He turned around and found her sitting in the middle of the rumpled bed, sheets still clutched to her chest, but by far less embarrassed. Then a rhythmic thumping sound. Adelie combusted into giggles and fell backwards into the pillows, sheets sliding down and revealing her rosy breasts. Nate almost forgot about his raunchy housemates.
“Shall we take refuge at your place? I don’t know if they’re not going to fuck the whole night… wouldn’t be the first time.” He crawled back into bed with her. She nestled against him in a way that stated that she wasn’t keen on going anywhere. The thumping got faster, then abruptly stopped. Her fingers raked his chest hair again.
“How long are they together? Ten years?”
“Yeah, something around this benchmark. Why?”
“Oh, just… isn’t it great that they still have the hots for each other so hard that they forget they’re not alone and nearly do it in the hallway?”
“True.” He adjusted his hold on her so that her head rested on his chest. Absentmindedly, she stroked his stomach. Warmth spread where she touched him.
“It must be great,” she eventually said.
“Mh?” He had a thousand things on his mind that all involved her glorious naked body, but not his housemates. She moved on top of him, a manoeuvre that wasn’t helping with focusing on their conversation.
“It must be great to be with someone for so long. Truly knowing the other, and, you know, not just the chocolate side of things.”
“I think I know more than just your chocolate side. For example, I know how you look like after four hours of endurance test on a rainy afternoon.”
She sniggered and kissed him softly. “You do. But you don’t know how I look like after a night with a stomach bug.”
He rolled them over, determined to bring the conversation to an end. Adelie laughed, holding on to his shoulders. He liked when she held on to him. Suddenly it clicked, and he stilled, looking down to her. “Would you want me to know how you look like when you’re sick?”
She cupped his face and brought their foreheads to a touch. “I want you to be there in all my highs and my lows. And I want to be there in your highs and lows. I want to know your cranky side, your tired side, your stressed side. Knowing you only when you’re on your best behaviour is as if I don’t know you at all.”
There was only one answer to her passionate declaration.
Nate’s alarm clock interrupted Adelie’s dreams harshly. Morning always came too early when half the night was spent with exploring a wonderful man’s body. Nate moved next to her, grunted and shut it off, but instead of expected cuddles, he switched the light on and got out of bed. Then rhythmic breathing filled the room. She turned and cracked open an eye to see what he was doing. The view was worth opening the second eye too, as Nate did push-ups right in front of the bed. Stark naked.
“Can’t you think of more delightful ways to get your morning workout?” She groaned, watching his back muscles move under his skin like snakes in a bag.
“A hundred push-ups. Every morning.”
“I’d prefer cuddles every morning.”
“… 97 … 98 … 99 … 100.” He got up from the floor and bowed down to give her a quick kiss. His skin was only slightly dewy. “Hi, babe.” Then he left the room and shortly after, she heard the shower being turned on. With a sigh she let her eyes wander around his room, unwilling to get out of bed and face another long day. Their clothes were still scattered on the floor, tossed there in the heat of the action. She sat up and stretched, relishing in the decidedly used way her body ached in certain parts. The sacrifice of sleep had been worth it. Polished oak planks greeted her naked feet as she put them down. For a moment she just sat on the edge of the bed. Without him focusing all her attention, she could take in all the details. The dark wooden floors, the beautiful antique dresser she was sure he had refurbished himself and his old toy motorcycle collection on top of it. She got up to get their clothes off the floor, and Nate returned just as she’d buried her face in his t-shirt. She sheepishly grinned at him, and he smiled as he wrapped her in his arms, still damp from his shower. A long kiss. The hard proof that he was just matter of fact because it was a school day pressed into her thigh.
“Nothing beats finding your woman naked in the middle of your room, sniffing your t-shirt with a dreamy expression,” he mumbled into her hair as he finally let her go. The world was still spinning because that was what his kisses made her world do, so she just melted into him.
“I don’t want to go to classes today. And it’s only Wednesday…”
Nate laughed softly at her dismay. “Hey, beautiful. It’s already Wednesday. The weekend will be here in no time.”

New Horizons, Part 2 (Alpha and Omega, Episode 51)

Nate and Adelie have to cut their pillow talk short, thanks to some unexpected visitors.

Nate tried to regain a modicum of control over his body. Smooth and soft fingertips stroked his nape. His face was pressed into a breast, not the worst kind of cushion in his opinion. A tender kiss on the crown of his head. He should move. He should get off this glorious woman before his weight crushed her. Adelie ran her fingers through his hair, apparently quite content with her situation. With a groan he eventually managed to prop himself at least up on his elbow, gazing down into big brown eyes and the lazy smile of a thoroughly satisfied woman. At least he did well. He rolled off and gathered her in his arms.
“Are orgasms with you always like category five eruptions?” She sighed, resting her head against his collarbone.
“I wish I could say yes.” He cupped the base of her head and brushed a thumb over her cheek before he dipped his head and kissed her. She responded with wrapping her arms around his neck and shoulders, her lips soft and warm and welcoming. Kissing for the sake of kissing. Her hands in his hair again. He’d never guessed that it once would be essential to his happiness that a woman ran her fingers through his hair. “You okay?”
Soft giggles. “More than okay.”
The faint freckles on her nose, her rosebud-pink lips, tousled hair. Adelie was so beautiful in her freshly fucked state, it almost hurt him physically. He clutched her, and she smiled, kissed his nose tip and snuggled closer.
“No regrets?” He asked, kissing her hairline.
She furrowed her brows. “Why should I regret having sex with you? You took care of me twice, I feel properly spoiled.”
Her appreciation of his efforts made him chuckle. “I was afraid you didn’t feel ready.”
She laughed and pushed him on his back. With a cocked head and a mischievous smile she tapped her fingertip on his collarbone and said: “You think I put on exquisite lingerie and don’t think about possible consequences?”
Her open smile, loving contemplation of his features and the way her naked body met his… no, she had no regrets. He reached up and brushed her unruly hair out of her face. “No, not you. You usually know what you’re doing…”
“Usually…” She traced his nose and smiled. “Not quite sure I knew what I was getting myself into as I saved you from the van. But I don’t regret it.”
“Ha, I don’t regret your spontaneity either.” He clasped his arms around her, pressed his face into the sensitive, velvet skin of her neck, and inhaled the powdery scent her skin always carried. “Never knew I could become so protective about someone either. But you… there’s something about you that makes me want to cradle you in my arms all the time, just to know that you’re safe.”
She blushed, which was adorably cute. “Maybe it’s because I know that I can let my guard down when I’m with you. I always feel inexplicably sheltered when we are together.”
They shared a smile and the admiration in her gaze filled him with an immense happiness. They snuggled for a while in silence, drifting on the last remains of spent desire, and enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin without the pressure to take it anywhere. Then they heard a key in the front door and muffled voices. Adelie froze in his arms.
“Shh – that’s just Eddy and Bob. I forgot that Eddy said he was going to pick him up in Lewiston tonight.”
The sound of the front door closing, then the unmistakable noises of kissing. Groans. A thud against the wall. Adelie giggled nervously.
“They’re not about to… you know, right in the hallway?”
“They haven’t seen each other for some weeks…”
The sound of zippers and more groans. Adelie flushed pink, from her chest to her cheeks. But by the state of sounds outside, Nate himself wasn’t sure if his housemates would make it to their bed upstairs. He got up and walked to the door.
“You’re naked,” Adelie warned, pulling the sheets up to her chin.
“So what? Likely they’re naked too.” He grinned.
“Nate!” Now she was beet red. Too cute.
He pounded his fist against his door and shouted: “Guys! You have a bedroom!”

New Horizons, Part 1 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 50)

In celebration of the 50th episode of Alpha and Omega, you get a fairly long one, but I promise, it’s worth it. *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

Adelie parked the truck in the barn next to the curvy forms of the Chieftain. Gravel crunched under their steps as they met behind it. She slipped her hand into Nate’s.
“It’s going to be freezing tonight,” she said, her breath forming white clouds.
“Yeah, winter is just around the corner. Time to snuggle up inside.” Nate let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulder instead, swiftly kissing her cheek. A whiff of his delicious cologne, the scratchiness of his chin. She slipped her arm around his waist and snuggled into his embrace, even if it was just for the few steps until they reached the porch.
“Jake was quiet today. Did something happen?”
He opened the front door and switched on the light in the hallway. They hung up their jackets and slipped out of their shoes. Finally done with the day. “Training was gruelling. And he told me that he had broken up with Rosalie, said she was too demanding. I think he just saw her as a convenient way to get laid, but not to spend time with.”
“Oh. That’s not a very grown-up way to see a woman.”
Nate snorted. “No, indeed it isn’t.”
They entered Nate’s room, and he dropped his bag to the floor. Adelie closed the door as he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a tight embrace. A long and lingering kiss followed. Eventually, Nate buried his face in her hair and sighed. “He was bewildered as I told him how nice it is to just sleep next to you. Clearly, he has no idea how delightful cuddles can be.”
“Is that why you always have a boner?” She nipped his earlobe in jest, and he chuckled, gently biting her nape.
“No, I have a boner because you’re irresistible with the different flavours you come in.”
She stopped exploring the velvet skin of his throat just below his beard shadow and looked up. “Flavours? I come in flavours?”
“Yes, flavours. You come in kick ass pilot, pretty baroness, guardian angel, motorcycle chick…”
“Keep up your sweet talk and I’ll stay the whole night.” She kissed him before he could answer and slipped her hands under his t-shirt. Taut abs, a fine strip of hair running across his stomach to his crotch, warm skin. The irresistible scent of his cologne. Need. Want.
“Is that a promise or a threat?” He murmured, pulling her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt. His hands on her skin, sliding upwards over her back until they found the strap of her bra. His eyes became wide, and he chuckled. “This is neither white cotton nor a sports bra…”
“No, it’s not. Thought that with your tendency to get me undressed I wear something nice for a change.”
They grinned at each other, then he swiftly lifted her up and carried her over to the bed. “You just signed your doom, Baroness. You stay here tonight.”
Squeals. Tickles. Giggles. Kisses. At long last they finally had each other undressed down to their underwear. Nate was delighted to find a matching set of shimmery, deep brown silk on her. “This is almost too pretty to take off…”
She pouted and glanced at him through batted eyelashes. “That’s a pity. I especially put it on…” Her finger traced the narrow strip of hair across his stomach and pulled back the waistband of his briefs. “… for you to take it off.” The waistband snapped back into place, and the next thing she knew was that she was under him. The air was charged with electricity, and she almost expected sparks to spring over as she stroked his neck with her fingertips. His jaws clenched and his eyes were dark with desire. She pushed her hand into his black mop of hair, and he dipped his head and kissed her. Kissed her lips, her brows, the corner of her eyes, her temples.
“My handsome devil.” She tugged at his shoulders to get him to lower down.
“God, I love it when you get all husky and sexy.” He nibbled at her neck, causing hot flushes to race over her chest.
“What else do you love?”
He grabbed her tightly and rolled on his back, pulling her with him. “I love your spunk. Your spirit of adventure. The fact that you frequently save my life, my butt and my dignity.”
She buried her face in his chest hair. “Keep talking…” She licked and nibbled and bit. Nate was a buffet of masculinity. A broad chest with very nicely defined pecs, the taut ridges of his abs, long, lean legs with curly black hair, tanned skin which was a bit paler around his crotch… she wanted to gorge on him.
“Babe, please…” He sounded adorably throaty, and she had mercy. She straddled him and enjoyed the hard bulge in his crotch with only rubbing a tiny bit against it. Her hair fell like a veil around their faces as she bowed down to kiss him. His hands on her butt, stroking the silk. Then on the small of her back, moving upwards. Skilled as he was, the bra clasp was opened singlehandedly. With a delicious smirk, he got her out of the straps. “Happy that I unwrapped my present?”
Giggling she slid off him. “You’re still missing a piece…”
“Patience, patience. All in a timely manner. You racer folk are always in such a hurry…” Tiny kisses on her neck. His considerate touches on exactly the right spots fuelled her desire. This night cuddles wouldn’t be enough.
“Tell me more about my flavours. How do they taste?” She demanded breathlessly. Nate chuckled and traced her face with a fingertip.
“Your flavours…” His voice was a gravelly, sexy rumble he only ever had when they were alone together. It caused the hairs on her arm to stand up and her core to tighten with anticipation. “The Baroness tastes sweet and smells expensive. Immaculate perfection.” He breathed a kiss on the pulse point of her neck, barely touching her skin. She shivered. “The Pilot is tangy, salty and smoky. Adventurous. Fierce.” Another kiss, blunt and full on the lips. Then he moved down until he reached the navel. “The motorcycle chick… she’s gasoline, the thrill of speed, the scent of hot rubber and the open road. A free spirit.” Nate’s lips painted a poem on her stomach, and she felt muscles twitch she didn’t know could twitch. He reached her panties and pulled them down; she barely had time to lift her hips to help him. His breath wafted over sensitive, moist skin. “The guardian angel, though… she’s my favourite. She’s golden light and calm and peace. Tastes like heaven.” His tongue found its mark and Adelie blissful minutes in her very own paradise.

Crossing the line, Part 5 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 49)

Nate has to lecture Jake in the simple joys of having a partner.

Wisps of fog floated like ghosts in the beams of the floodlights around the rugby field. An unmistakably wintery chill hung in the air, and Nate was glad as the coach’s final whistle opened up the prospect of a hot shower. Twenty-two steaming bodies plodded towards the changing room and showers.
“Hey, Natey-boy!” Jake caught up with him. “Man, coach was mean today, I’m not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow.”
“Don’t be such a ninny! Bootcamp was worse. And I’m sure Rosalie will give you a massage later? Adelie gives great massages.”
Jake snorted. “Of your dick or of your legs? But, I’m sorry to tell you, Rosalie and I are a thing of the past.”
They had reached the facilities, and Nate pushed open the door to the locker room with his shoulder. “What? How did that happen?”
Jake didn’t answer right away, but instead peeled himself out of his wet training jersey. Then he dove into his locker to produce a towel and a bottle of shower gel. “I broke up with her. She was too demanding, couldn’t understand how little time I had with school, flight and rugby training. Adelie never gives you grief because you have so little time?”
“No, not really. She’s quite busy herself, to begin with, and she knew that I play rugby and work three times a week at the Lemon Tree.” Nate wrapped himself in a towel kilt and followed Jake to the showers. Their teammates had successfully transformed the room into a steam bath, and Jake’s dark skin instantly looked like polished ebony.
They were lucky and found two showers next to each other. Nate welcomed the hot jet of water on his skin. It felt glorious after the long and hard training session. He was looking forward to seeing Adelie later, she’d love to work on all the tight knots in his muscles.
“How do you manage to spend time at all with each other?” Jake interrupted his daydream of her hands sliding over his shoulders. “Your schedule is even busier than mine, with you having to work…”
“We meet for lunch every day, study together on Thursdays as we always have, we spent Friday nights with each other and most of the weekends. She sometimes visits me at the Lemon Tree, and if I work the early shift, we go to her place afterwards and cook dinner together. We’re really just rollin’ with the punches.” He put a blob of shower gel into his palm and rubbed it vigorously into his hair and all over his body. Rinsing it off, he continued: “It’s not like she’s sitting at home, waiting for me to have time for her. She is in the Academy book club, she has a watercolour class, and she goes running with her friend Leslie every Sunday morning.”
“Wow, you’re lucky.” Jake turned off the water and wrapped himself in his towel. “Rosalie was whining all the time that she wanted to go with me on this fundraiser for the veterans here, and this play there, and yadda yadda yadda. A guy’s got to sleep too!”
“Oh yeah, the best thing is just sleeping next to her.”
“What?” Jake peered over the towel he rubbed his face with, dark brown eyes round as marbles. “What do you mean, just sleeping next to her?”
Nate snorted. “Don’t tell me you don’t know the wonderful feeling of having your girl falling asleep in your arms. Or waking up to being claimed by her as her pillow.” He grabbed his towel and patted himself cursory dry. The chance that Adelie would be glued to him for the rest of the evening was much higher if more shower gel scent clung to his skin. Jake stared at him as if he had lost his mind. Nate decided to ignore his ignorance of the simpler joys of having a girlfriend and walked back to the locker room. A splash of cologne. A new t-shirt. He stepped into his jeans.
“She’s right for you, though.” Jake had followed him and pulled a t-shirt over his head while stating this.
“What do you mean?” Nate stuffed his wet towel and the dirty training kit into his duffel bag. Adelie was probably already waiting in the parking lot.
“You’re relaxed, not perpetually on the prowl. And you seem to be very happy.”
Nate put on his black leather jacket. “I am. Adelie is…” He leant against his locker. “Adelie is not just a pretty girl that knows how to handle a dick. She’s a true partner. She’s invested in my bike restoration and cheers for me during rugby matches although she says she can’t stand seeing me getting hurt. She’s my friend and my lover, and I think that makes all the difference.”
“Wow. You’re in love.”
“Maybe.” He pushed himself away from the metal locker door, not ready for that kind of conversation. “But I know I’m toast if I don’t appear in the parking lot pronto. D’you need a lift?”
Adelie was indeed waiting, perched behind the wheel of Eddy’s workshop truck, motor idling. Jake paused.
“Isn’t that Eddy’s truck?”
“It is.”
“Why’s Adelie driving it?”
“Because my star struck housemate is absolutely smitten to know a former Planet 500 racer. She’s even allowed to drive the Halway, which I’m not permitted to touch. So far she refuses politely, saying she doesn’t want to risk putting a scratch in the paint job.”

Crossing the line, Part 4 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 48)

Our intrepid duo discusses the pro and cons of level-headedness – with a questionable outcome.

The candles in tall lanterns in front of the window bathed the room in a soft light. Rain still scattered against the windows, but they were both dry, clean and fed inside, sprawled on her big white bed. As much fun it was to race through the forest and shot robots with him, this was much better. Adelie ran her fingers through the short hair in Nate’s nape, enjoying the bristle of it against her skin. A happy sigh as his face burrowed into her chest.
“You smell so good,” he mumbled. She made a mental note to only use the jasmine shower gel when he was around. He sighed again and came up. Blue eyes looked at her like none had looked at her before. Loving with a hint of vulnerability. Butterflies all over again.
“Thank you,” he said, tenderly brushing over her cheek. She blinked.
“What for? Saving your ass again?”
He laughed his glorious rumbly belly laugh. “That too, but I meant something else. Thank you for wanting to take the slow road. I’ve forgotten how wonderful it is to take your time.”
One hand slipped under her camisole and fondled her waist. Her fingertips wandered over the peaks of his shoulder blades, the domes of his deltoid muscles, the smooth bulge of his biceps. His body was a work of art, the product of countless hours in the gym, a masterpiece of rippling muscles. Manly. Sexy. She closed her eyes and listened to their breaths that soon fell into unison. It smoothed the wrinkles the day had caused in the fabric of her soul.
“This is lovely,” he murmured. The mesmerising blues of his eyes caught her again as he moved between her legs. His breath blanketed her skin as his lips grazed her jaw and her neck. “I owe you for saving my clean record, babe.”
She cupped his face and brushed her thumb over his rough cheeks. “Come to think of it, why did you slip? I warned you about the loose rock.”
He chuckled and placed a kiss on her collarbone. “Oh… uhm… maybe I was more occupied with how sexy your butt looks in those coveralls.”
“Nate!” Laughing she poked him. “You’re impossible. I should have let that robot get you…”
He shut her up with another kiss. It was a lot hotter than their chaste, fit for the public kisses they had exchanged all week, and this had nothing to do with the remnants of hot sauce she could still taste on his lips. It was a kiss like a thunderstorm after a hot and dusty day, and it swept her away. His hand slipped under her camisole again and cupped a breast. Lightning zipped through her body as his thumb tenderly brushed over her nipple, enlightening a craving fire deep inside of her. His lips left hers for maddening explorations elsewhere, her throat, her shoulders, her collarbones… eventually, he pulled the camisole over her head and ventured further down. Being topless with him was all right, but him heading for her panties was not. But before she could intervene, he blew raspberries into her belly button, causing her to giggle-squeal like a four years old running through a water sprinkler. She grabbed the nearest pillow and whacked it over his head. He laughed, and she laughed and before she knew how they were pummelling each other with pillows. Oh yes, he was competitive and risk-loving. Fun, too. And not above grabbing her around her waist mid-fight and kiss the living daylights out of her.
“Wha- mmmph…” She just sank against him and allowed him to wipe the wind out of her sails. “That’s cheating…”
“I was losing, rapidly. Can’t win when I’m distracted by your lovely tits.”
She sniggered, snuggled closer and rubbed said pair of lovely tits against his chest. “At least you’re not denying it.”
“Are you ever distracted by anything?” He sounded a little exasperated.
She pulled him down with her into the mayhem of rumpled sheets and pillows, smoothed her palm over his flank and grabbed his firm bottom. “If I’d paid attention to how your sexy butt looks in soaked coveralls, you would now sport some severe bruises.”
“Touché. I think I prefer your level-headedness.” He kissed her nose, and she nestled into his arms. Nate reached for the duvet and pulled it over them. As the energy of the fight dissipated, she began to feel cold. Nate himself radiated masculine heat, as usual, making their nest comfortable in no time.
“Why did you blew raspberries into my bellybutton?” She asked, raking her fingers through his irresistible chest hair.
“Because you were getting rigid in the way you only get when something is amiss. I figured maybe things were going too fast, and I was looking for an easy way out… didn’t expect it to turn into a pillow fight, though.”
“You sensed that?” She tapped the tip of her index finger on his sternum. “You knew I was beginning to feel overwhelmed? Having sex with hundreds of nurses really must have fine-tuned you to a woman’s desires.”
Nate snorted. “Woah, babe, I didn’t sleep with hundreds of nurses. I knew that because I spent all summer with you and had the chance to pick up a thing or two about you.”
A sudden wave of tiredness swept through her, and she failed at suppressing a yawn. Wiggling around until she found the perfect position in his arms, she said: “Glad you did.”
A soft kiss on her head. “Me too. Otherwise, I’d barged right through, and things might’ve gotten a little awkward.”

Von schwarzen Löchern und dem Tuten des eigenen Hornes

Ich bin jemand, dessen größter Horror es ist, irgendwie unangenehm aufzufallen. Oder noch schlimmer: Leuten auf den Wecker zu gehen. Nun ist es aber so, dass die Zeiten vorbei sind, in denen Content ganz von alleine seine Leser gefunden hat. Wenn man nicht auf möglichst vielen Kanälen die eigene Werbetrommel rührt, dann wird man schlicht nicht bemerkt. Man sitzt im schwarzen Loch. Das hat bei mir in letzter Zeit doch vermehrt zu Frust geführt. Da ich aber nicht auf alle Ewigkeit meine Leserschaft mit Vornamen ansprechen können möchte, musste was geschehen. Ich muss in mein eigenes Horn tuten, auch wenn mir das echt unangenehm ist. Ich kenne aber auch zu viele andere Autoren, die eigentlich echt gut schreiben, aber mangels Marketing (blergh, ich hab das böse Wort in den Mund genommen!) und gutem Branding (und blergh, da ist das andere böse Wort!) einfach nur vor sich hindümpeln. Ich kenne aber auch welche, die sich geschickter anstellen, und nun die Bestsellerlisten von hinten aufrollen. Obwohl sie in einem viel größeren Markt bestehen müssen, was ich umso bemerkenswerter finde.

Das Blöde ist: Dieses ins Horn tuten funktioniert nur unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen, und jeder Kanal hat da auch noch so seine eigenen Spielregeln. Und diesen wollte ich meine bisherigen privaten Accounts nicht unterwerfen. Ich selber will nicht zu einer Marke werden, und ich will immer noch völlig willkürlich Fahrrad-, Blümchen- und Essensbilder posten können. Und da ich auch noch einen tatsächlichen Real-Life-Job habe, der nicht nur viel von meiner Zeit sondern auch von meiner Energie frisst, musste ich mir auch gut überlegen, wieviele Kanäle ich denn überhaupt realistisch gut bespielen kann. Zeit zum Schreiben will ich ja auch noch haben.

Ich tute jetzt mal etwas lauter als bisher auf der Facebook-Page und habe einen eigenen Schreibselei-Instagram-Account ins Leben gerufen. Da übe ich mich jetzt darin, mehr als drei Hashtags zu benutzen. Mal sehen, ob meine Ideen so funktionieren. Ach ja, regelmäßiger bloggen würde wahrscheinlich auch helfen. Gnah.

Crossing the line, Part 3 (Alpha & Omega, Episode 47)

Adelie learns about the pleasure of having dinner in one’s underwear.

Compared to the bare bone endurance course facilities, Adelie’s small bathroom was the epitome of luxury and girlishness. There was an impressive collection of bubble baths on a shelf, with a pile of fluffy white towels underneath. In front of a tiny window throned a pink orchid. Around her sink stood white porcelain crates filled with make-up and creams and whatever else women put on their faces. Everything was white and gleamed welcomingly in the ceiling light. He dove deeper into the gloriously hot water, enjoying the heaps of sweetly scented bubbles. It knocked.
“Don’t tell me you need to use the toilet – I’m not ready for that level of privacy yet,” he answered.
“Hold on to your hula-hoop, I don’t need to pee. Shall we order in? Don’t see the point in cooking if we’re both so tired.” Adelie’s amused voice.
“Sure, my love.”
“Can I come in and read you the menu?”
He laughed. “If you have to?”
The door opened, and her head peeked around it. “Are you decent?” He flicked her some sudsy water drops, and she squealed. “Stop it!”
“Come in then. No body parts are going to vanish just because you happen to catch sight of them. You were going to see me naked sooner or later anyway, girlfriend.”
With a grin, Adelie came in and closed the door behind her, holding the menu and a notepad in one hand. “That doesn’t mean I’m prepared to behold the magnificence of your nether regions already, boyfriend.” Despite her words, her eyes shifted to where said regions were hiding under the bubbles. Then she looked into his face and turned the same shade as her fluffy pink bathrobe.
“Not prepared, huh?” He teased her, and she stuck out her tongue.
“Okay. You got me. Curiosity is going to kill this cat one day.”
She sat down on the closed toilet lid and read him the contents of the colourful flyer of the Chinese food place they both liked while he built foam towers. “So – you wanted the Pork Chop Suey and fried Wan Tan, right?” She scribbled his wishes on the notepad. He watched her, with her damp hair falling all around her face, and her plush bathrobe. Difficult to believe that this was the same woman who ran through a forest in full battle dress just hours earlier. She’d looked like a badass motherfucker in her black armour, saving his ass once more. As she had finished scribbling, she got up to place their order.
“Babe?” He reached a sudsy hand for her, and she stopped, her eyes wandering over his wet and naked body again. Her careful expression relaxed as their eyes met, and a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. Then she bent over and touched her lips softly to his, understanding his need for a kiss. He was relieved that bubbles covered his excitement.
They had dinner in their underwear sitting on the love seat. Naked legs crisscrossed each other while oodles of take-out boxes scattered the coffee table. Adelie slurped up the remains of her noodles and giggled happily.
“This reminds me so much of my racing days. Sitting in the motorhome after a long day, eating Chinese take-out, talking specs and strategies.”
“In your underwear?” He couldn’t peel is eyes away from her in a spaghetti strapped camisole, the discarded bathrobe bunching up around her like a deformed waterlily. She giggled even more and slapped his shin.
“Don’t be silly. Of course not.” She placed her empty noodle box next to the others on the table and slouched into the corner of her seat. “I don’t think I ever had dinner in my underwear before. I feel like a proper hoodlum.”
“Welcome to one of my most cherished traditions after an exhausting day. There’s nothing better than dinner while slouching on the sofa in your undies.”
She stretched, and he had to focus on her hair falling over her shoulders and not on her breasts straining against the thin fabric. “Yes, I can see this becoming a fixture in my Friday evenings. Chinese take-out with you after a long week. So simple, so perfect.” Her foot stroked the inside of his thigh. He twitched.
“Huh, that tickles!”
Adelie snorted. “Tell that your grandma…”