Picnic by the Pond, Part 1 (Alpha and Omega, Chapter 2)


In which Adelie learns that there’s a thing called rosemary limeade and it’s delicious.

The next time she saw him was entirely by chance. Adelie entered the little diner near the airfield, and there he was, standing behind the counter, washing up some glasses. The Lemon Tree was a classic diner, with a black and white checkered floor, chrome accents around the table edges and red faux-leather benches. The wall behind the counter was covered with shelves filled with glasses and cups. Through large windows, sunlight poured in over the tables. Nate looked up as he heard the bell above the door and a broad smile appeared.
“What a lovely surprise. Hello there.” He put the glass on the rack and dried his hands with a towel that was tucked into the band of his apron.
She should have taken a seat somewhere in a corner, to not give him any ideas, but after a long and tiring afternoon in the simulator, she was in need of a little small talk. She slid on one of the bar stools in front of him, flashed him a smile and said: “Hi. How’re you doing?”
His level of handsomeness was ridiculous. Braced on the counter, his arms showed corded strands of muscles and honey-coloured tanned skin. Even the white apron tied around his waist couldn’t diminish his appeal. Blue sparkling eyes drenched with flirtatious mischief. “What can I bring you? Another lemonade?”
She forced her eyes up to the menu above the shelves. “Wow, you have quite a selection on offer. Which one’s your favourite?”
“Trudy takes great pride in making her own lemonade. The question is not what my favourite is, but what you need.”
“Okay then, what do I need, doc?” She couldn’t help but smile at him, and he smiled right back.
“You look thirsty and in dire need of a refreshment. So this naturally calls for something with citrus. But your call sign is Princess… so it can’t be any old boring lemonade then. It needs to be exquisite. Unusual!” He waggled his eyebrows at her, and she giggled. With a flourish, he opened the big red fridge behind him and fished out a bottle. “How about Trudy’s prized Rosemary Limeade?”
“Rosemary Limeade? This sounds indeed unusual.”
He laughed. “Trust me; it’s heaven in a bottle. It’s delicious.”
“Well… I think I trust your taste and have one then.”
He chuckled as he reached for a glass. “With or without ice?”
“With ice please.”
He placed a coaster in front of her and put her drink on it. Ice cubes clinked. Carefully she took a sip. A small firework of different flavours exploded in her mouth. The sour but fragrant zing of real lime, the sweetness of sugar and then the tangy note of rosemary. “This… this is delicious. I like it. Spot on selection.”
“I’m glad you like it. It’s even better in Gin Fizz.”
The ceiling fan above them filled the silent diner with its whooshing sound. She realised she was the only guest. “Not many customers today?”
He had returned to cleaning glasses. “It’s always slow between three and four. What you’ve been up to? You look like you had an exhausting day.”
She laughed. “Is that your polite way to say I’m looking tired?”
He flashed her a grin. “I worry about my guardian angel.”
“I’m not your guardian angel. And I just spent the better part of this beautiful sunny afternoon stuck in a Stingray simulator. I’m friends with on of the engineering students, and she wanted to test something. Sadly, it didn’t work as we both thought it would.”
“That sucks.” The bells over the door tinkled as two nurse cadets entered. “Good afternoon, ladies.” Nate dried his hands again and followed them to their table. “What can I offer you?”
They were all aflutter, and it took them quite a while to decide on their order, giving Adelie plenty of time to observe him. He was indeed charm personified but in a genuine way. She could see why Leslie’s fellow nurses fell for him head over heels without him having much to do. She pushed back a strand of hair and took her InstaComm out of her purse. There was a message from her cousin Cosima, with an attached picture of a sleeping blonde puppy. It said: “Look what I got! Isn’t he cute?” She typed a quick reply, as she heard Nate’s rumbly voice behind her.
“Got an amusing message?” She swivelled around on the bar stool, glaring at him, and he took a step back. “Uh, sorry – didn’t want to intrude on your privacy. You smiled at your screen.”
Adelie kicked herself, taking a deep breath. Leslie’s overly cautious nature was rubbing off on her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you coming, and you startled me. My cousin got a cute puppy. She sent me a picture of it sleeping in its basket. That’s why I was smiling.”
“Can I see it?”
“Of course.” She pulled up the message and the picture again, and he stepped closer to be able to see. The warmth of his body radiated out to her and with it his unique blend of aftershave and personal fragrance. Also the faint scent of coffee and chocolate syrup. It tickled something deep inside of her.
“Awww, that’s adorable. No wonder you were smiling. What’s his name?”
“She hasn’t told me yet.”
“He looks like a Eustace to me.”
Adelie snorted. “I’m going to tell her that, right now.”
“No, no, no – that was a joke! The poor dog. How about Ajax?”
They spent a considerable amount of time thinking up silly names for the puppy until the diner slowly filled up and he had to serve customers.

Picture by Maia C on flickr.

Friendly Fire, Part 4 (Alpha and Omega, Chapter 1)


In which Nate is the victim of relentless teasing by Jake and meets the power of Adelie’s noble glare.

The library was the oldest building on campus. It sat in the middle of everything, surrounded by old oak trees and lush lawns scattered with rose bushes. Stone steps led up to a pillar-framed entrance, which gave the whole building the touch of a Greek temple. Nate couldn’t stop thinking about Adelie, and he needed to see her again.
“Are you sure you’ve got the right place?” Jake asked, sitting on the steps and squinting because of the sun. Nate leant against the low wall that framed the raised beds of roses around the entrance. Their rich fragrance scented the warm summer air.
“Yes. Rojas told me she’s always in the library here on Thursdays, right after Foreign Cultures 101.”
“I sure hope he was honest with you.”
“Stop worrying, there she is!” He could see her tall figure weaving through the other students, swiftly coming up towards the building. She was even prettier than he remembered, wearing slim black cigarette pants and a cream coloured blouse, a satchel with books over her shoulder.
“Hey, Adelie! How’s your knee?”
“Hi, Nate! It’s doing fine. Sorry, I’m in a hurry – See ya!”
And with that, she vanished into the library with graceful, springy steps, leaving him standing there like an idiot. Jake snorted.
“I never thought I’d live long enough to see this.”
He huffed. “See what?”
Jake had a grin plastered on his face. “A woman who doesn’t stop, spin and fling herself into your arms. You’re not used to the cold shoulder treatment, are you?”
Nate gave him the stink eye, causing only more laughter on his friend’s side. But Jake was right. The tall, attractive Baroness, with her brown hair and superior smile, wasn’t answering to his advances like women usually did.
“Forget it, she’s only interested in books and jets.” Jake consoled him with a pat on the shoulder. “There’s Patricia.”
He didn’t even check, he was already halfway in the library. “I just remembered, I should really brush up my knowledge of the Warburton drive.”
Jake’s laughter followed him through the door. “Yeah man, sure! Good luck!”
“Hi again.” Nate placed his books on the table and took the seat across from her. Instead of the anticipated smile, Adelie looked up with an impassive expression and nodded briefly, then continued reading and scribbling notes. He tried once more. “What are you reading?”
“A book.” She didn’t even look up.
“I can see that. But which one?”
This time, she made eye contact, but her glare nearly made his balls shrivel up. “Nate – I came here to study. This is a tricky topic, and I have to concentrate. I’d love to chat, but can we postpone that until I’m done? Thank you.”
He sat down and grabbed one of his books to hide his burning cheeks. The room was secluded and empty, and only the tall cherry wood bookshelves had been witnesses to this encounter, but he was embarrassed nevertheless. Peeking over the rim of the book he saw her diligently copying parts of the text into her notepad. Her hair was in a neat braid, falling over her shoulder. Concentration furrowed her brows.
“You’re not going to get anything done if you keep staring at me,” she suddenly said.
He cleared his throat. “True. I’m sorry.”
The usual tactics were not working. Maybe he would win her attention if he studied too and didn’t try to keep her from it. An hour passed with neither of them saying a word. The long shadows of oak trees painted black fingers on the lawns around the library when she finally pushed her pen aside and stretched her back. Heat crept up his neck as he forced his glance down. He was not sure what would happen if she’d caught him staring at her chest, but he wasn’t keen on finding out.
“Gee, is it that late already?” She exclaimed as she looked out the window.
“Time flies, eh?” He said. She had a beautiful profile. He was staring again.
“Absolutely. I’m hungry — want to grab a bite at Todd’s?”
Hell, did she just ask him to go out with her? He blinked confused at her unreadable face. “Sounds like a brilliant idea, unless you’re going to bite off my head…”
She laughed, her frown dissolving like melting ice cream. “I promise I’ll behave.”
The expression on his face was priceless. Adelie bit her bottom lip to keep herself from smiling. “I’m sorry. I’m sometimes too focused on my work. I hope I haven’t been too harsh?”
He rubbed his neck, his glorious blue eyes sparkling with mischief. “I’m not made of sugar. I assume you have a license for those eyes of yours?”
License? She blinked at him, and he grinned. Standing up and putting the books away, he explained: “They’re dangerous weapons. I nearly got hurt, you know?”
“Do you need a band-aid?” She raised him a defiant eyebrow, and he stepped towards her, close enough for her to smell his aftershave. It was a warm, subtle scent. His voice was a deep rumble, his eyes intense. Talk about having a license, Mister.
“A bag of ice might be more helpful to ease the burn.”
She tilted her head, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Are you sure you can risk going to Todd’s with me, English? I can’t vouch for your male pride surviving this without more burns…”
He chuckled. “I’m willing to take a gamble, Princess. It’s nothing compared to what you risked jumping in front of that stupid truck.”
Jumping in front of the speeding truck to push him out of harm’s way had been no conscious decision, she had acted purely on instinct. The same instinct told her now to be careful — he displayed all the traits of a confident man knowing how to charm a woman. Traits that brought up painful memories.
“What’s wrong?” His voice plucked her out of her thoughts.
“Uh, nothing.” She pushed the pain and the memories away. They belonged to another time, another planet. She picked up her bag.
He studied her with a questioning gaze but didn’t say anything. Instead, he followed her out of the library.

Picture by blue me away on flickr

watercolour life lessons

I’m trying to work more with traditional media lately, mainly sketching with pencils. A few days ago, though, I pulled out my little watercolour field box, firmly set on developing my not-yet existing skills. Watercolour is a challenge, in more than one way. It requires you to think from light to dark, from background to foreground and you can’t just paint over mistakes due to its transparent nature. Not mention that it has its own mind. Perfectionist me has a hard time learning to just go with the flow (of water and colour) – but if I do, magic happens. I set out to practice clouds, but instead I learned how to put depth and structure into the foreground mountain range. I learned that a colour that at first feels like it has no business of being there can actually make the difference between bland and vibrant.

I think one of the reasons I’m drawn to watercolour is actually its rebellious nature. It forces me to let go of the perfect picture in my head and work instead from a rough idea. And in that lies a valuable lesson of life. Let go of that perceived perfect image of how things should be, how you should be. Take a breath and take chances and something beautiful will happen.

Friendly Fire, Part 3 (Alpha and Omega, Chapter 1)


In which our heroes finally get to sit down and learn each other’s full names. Nate’s in for another surprise, though, the poor chap. We also meet Leslie, who has some vital information about him.

The cafeteria was almost empty and pleasantly cool. They found a table in the back, and Nate went to the counter to get their drinks, ignoring her protests. Her knee must hurt, and he wasn’t going to see her hobbling around the tables. They both could use something with lots of sugar, so he opted for two lemonades.
“One elderberry lemonade coming up.” He placed the glass with the sparkling beverage in front of her, getting a broad smile in return.
“Thank you.” She took a sip and sighed happily. “This is refreshing after the heat outside.”
“Yes, it is.” He cleared his throat. “Before this gets even more awkward – I never learned your first name. And I can’t call you Princess all the time, can I?”
She brushed her hair out of her face and answered with a smile: “No, English, you can’t. Especially because I’m in fact a Baroness.”
“You’re what?” He nearly dropped his glass, and she laughed.
“My full name is Baroness Adelie von Klaiber, but the USF likes to shorten me to Adelie Klaiber. I’m from Eden.”
“You’re a long way from home.”
“I am.” She smoothed an invisible crease on her skirt and avoided his glance.
“I’m Nathan Havisham, but I guess you know that already since you didn’t ask. My friends call me Nate. I’m from Earth.”
“Why did your friend call you Prince Charming?”
Heat rushed over his face and neck. “Insider,” he murmured, and she laughed softly.
“You didn’t seem too thrilled with him telling me that.”
A piece of dry leaf was stuck in her hair, and he reached over to pluck it out, happy to be able to create a diversion.
“Thank you.” Their eyes met. Hers were brown with golden speckles, sparkling with amusement. “I must look like a rat, dust all over, a bloody knee. Maybe I should go to the restroom and adjust my appearance.”
He shook his head, unable to divert his eyes. “You look fine. Give your knee a rest.”
“You saved Nathan Havisham? The Nathan Havisham half the nurse population suffers heartbreak from?” Leslie plunked down in one of Adelie’s armchairs, shaking her head and causing her blonde victory rolls to quiver. “I seriously thought you’d be capable of better judgement.”
Adelie laughed, sitting down in the other chair, placing a cup of tea in front of her friend. “Sorry, next time I’ll ask for credentials before I save someone’s life. I’m getting a hunch you don’t like him. What’s he done to you?”
Leslie huffed. “I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole, just so you know.”
“But why? He’s gorgeous and charming. Did he ignore you?”
“The thing with gorgeous and charming men is that they’re aware of it. And they take advantage of it. They don’t care if they break hearts in the process.”
Adelie poured herself a cup of tea, thinking back to the hour with Nate. He was pleasant company and hadn’t behaved like the woman-devouring bird of prey Leslie tried to colour him. He hadn’t tried to touch her nor had he made any double entendres. Instead, they chatted about Major Payne’s antics and the curriculum. “I don’t understand why you’re so riled up about him. Sure, he’s confident, and yes, he knows he’s not an ugly looking kid, but he was a perfect gentleman in all our interactions. What’s he done to you?”
Leslie tugged exasperated at her starched white uniform blouse. “Listen, Sweetums, be careful, okay? I don’t want to see you as devastated as the others when they understand he’s not doing relationships.”
Adelie gave her a long look. “Leslie – how do you know all this? Did he dump you?”
Her friend crinkled her nose in disgust. “No. He never even spared me a glance. Eloise got lucky, though, or so she thought.”
“Sounds like a cracker of a story.” Adelie stuffed a pillow in her back and made herself comfortable for one of Leslie’s famous rants about men.
Leslie put her cup down with an audible clink. “Men like him are assholes. They exploit our weaknesses ruthlessly. They know that a woman would dream of being “the one” and they still sleep with her, instead of backing out and not hurting her.”
Adelie stirred her tea, thinking back to how much enjoyment she got from men Leslie readily called assholes. “Maybe that would be the gentlemanly thing to do. But you can have a lot of fun with them. They’re gorgeous and generous, and usually know what they’re doing. We’re all grownups, and they’re not responsible for what a woman hoped when they’d been open about their intentions from the start. Plus they have a lot of experience…”
“And give you STIs!”
“Leslie!” She laughed. “Stop it. I can assure you, right now I have absolutely no interest in Nathan Havisham, or in any other man, no matter their intentions. I’ll be safe from heartbreak and catching nasties. You can relax.” After all, a man on his knees with a ring in his hands was what had led to her ending up in Westerhaven after all.

Picture by Daniel Go on Flickr

Friendly Fire, Part 2 (Alpha and Omega, Chapter 1)


Warm air rose from the downtrodden stone steps leading to the entrance of the Faculty for Tactical Aeronautics. It wafted over her bare legs as Adelie left after a long and busy morning in one of the library’s reading rooms. After the quiet inside, the noise of campus life engulfed her like the surf of the sea, as she headed into the direction of the cafeteria. Groups of students sat on the lawns in front of mighty red brick houses, enjoying their lunch break. Some kicked around a football. Heat hung over the academy like an invisible cheese dome and not only the gardeners wished for a thunderstorm. Walking down the tree-lined street, she mulled over Wilfried Kittendorf’s theories, and she paid not much attention to her surroundings. Alarmed yells plucked her out of her thoughts. One of the football players was about to collect the escaped ball from the street and oblivious to an approaching speeding ice cream truck! Without hesitating, she dropped her books and ran towards him. She tackled the unsuspecting player and pushed him out of harm’s way. Together they rolled through the dust, as the truck passed them by a whisker, brakes screeching. For a split second she remembered that she wore a dress with a full skirt, and hoped for a decent landing. Their tumble came to a halt at the border stone. Her shoulder would complain in the morning, and her knee burned like it was scraped, she thought while staring up into the blue sky, trying to catch her breath.
He found his bearings first, scrambling to his knees.
Nate stared at the woman lying in front of him. His heart hammered in his chest, and he had trouble keeping up with getting enough air into his lungs. Blood rushed in his ears. Her chest was heaving as well, and he could see red trickle down a pale knee.
“English?” She blinked at him, then a sly smile spread across her face, and she sat up. “I told you to check your six.”
Shouts pierced his bubble of adrenaline.
“Shit, man, are you alright? This idiot must’ve won his license in the lottery!” Jake sounded upset as he reached them. “You can thank your guardian angel your career didn’t end right here and now.” The eyes of his friend fell on his rescuer. He didn’t even know her first name, dammit. “Woah, isn’t that the mighty Princess who eliminated our Prince Charming?”
“Shut up.” Suddenly Nate wasn’t keen on giving her an idea how much this had bruised his ego.
“Prince Charming? Is that your other callsign?” Her mouth twitched as her eyes wandered between him and Jake.
“Are you telling me he hasn’t tried to charm you yet?” Jake waggled his eyebrows.
“Will you shut up now!” Nate glared at his friend as he heard her giggle. Others reached them. They were helped up, dust was brushed off their shoulders and several student nurses checked if they were unharmed. One applied a band-aid to her scraped knee. Some others yelled at the driver, asking him if he had lost his mind. As it was evident that neither of them got hurt, the hubbub subsided, and the spectators left the scene. Jake returned to the rest of their group, to report that Nate hadn’t been injured.
Adelie turned to collect her books, which were scattered all over the sidewalk, as Nate freed himself from the over-attentive nurses and followed her.
“Hey! Wait. I want to thank you.”
She awkwardly brushed a fleck of dust from the skirt of her red gingham dress. “Don’t mention it, it was no big deal.”
“No big deal? You’re joking, right? You could’ve ended up under the van! You risked your life, your career!” He was right, of course. She had risked a lot without thinking about it, and it hit her unexpectedly. Black dots danced in front of her eyes as she realised what could’ve happened. Had she lost her mind?
“Hey, you okay?” His arm was around her shoulders to support her until her vision cleared again.
“Yes, I’m okay. Thank you.”
He kneeled down beside her and helped her picking up the books. Without being grumpy, he indeed seemed to be made entirely out of charm and gallantry and had a terrific smile. No wonder the student nurses had been so occupied with checking if he was alright.
“I was on my way to the cafeteria.” She pointed towards the narrow yellow building at the end of the street. “And I don’t know about you, but I certainly could use a drink now.”

Friendly Fire, Part 1 (Alpha and Omega, Chapter 1)


The summer sky was a limitless blue expanse and the sun a gleam on the metal nose of the Stingray. Perfect flying conditions. Acceleration pressed Adelie into her seat, and only a thin brown line on her left reminded her of Westerhaven Academy. She scanned the blue until she spotted the little black dot moving towards her. The cadets of Squadrons Albatross Alpha and Omega were pitched against each other in a bout of one against one, and Nate “English” Havisham, Alpha’s top dog, was her adversary. He was as cocky as they came and wouldn’t be an easy opponent. Her fingers gripped the stick harder. The planes engaged in a waltz across the sky. Beautiful to observe, but deadly for those participating in it. They pulled each other into an endless progression of loops, rolls, and turns, but the only result was that they both pushed the limits of their planes and bodies until nausea unsettled her stomach. Sweat trickled down her back; the cooling system of her flight suit had trouble with keeping up. Neither of them managed to bring the other in front or even into shooting range, and concentration began to wear thin. Eventually, he was coming up behind her, and she forced her ‘ray into a sharp turn, almost causing the bird to skid across the sky. Her attacker hadn’t suspected her move, or he was getting tired too, but he overshot considerably, ending up in front of her. The opportunity to fire. The crosshairs almost aligned themselves with his tailpipe and she pressed the trigger.
“English, you’re dead. Princess, excellent shot. Fantastic fight everybody. Return to base.” The confirmation from Mission Control was music in her comm and delighted she pointed the ‘ray into the direction of the airbase. Time for a shower.
The air flickered over the tarmac of the runway. A light breeze brushed as hot as jet exhaust over his face as Nate popped open the canopy and it wasn’t helping with cooling his mood. He climbed out of his jet and narrowly resisted throwing the helmet across the ground. It hadn’t been his day to begin with and now he lost to a girl, after such a rookie mistake. Next to him, the other pilot exited her plane. She was tall, and even the baggy flight suit couldn’t hide the fact that she had more assets than just being an ace pilot. Because she was, he grudgingly had to admit to himself. She had pushed his limits like nobody had before her. A long brown braid fell over her back as she pulled off the helmet. Her eyes met his as she turned around, her face unreadable and professional.
“English.” She gave him a commendatory nod.
“Princess.” He forced himself to smile.
“Thanks for the excellent fight. You kept me on my toes.” A smile broke through her aloofness, lightening up her face with mischief. Wowza.
“You’re welcome,” he grumbled, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He leant against the body of his plane and glowered at her. “When are you free for a rematch?”
She laughed, delightedly even. “You don’t like losing to a girl, eh?”
“I don’t like losing at all.”
Her opponent was a poster boy for the United Space Force: tall, athletic and cheekbones commissioned from Michelangelo. Tanned skin and bright blue eyes which were trained on her in an upset glare. Jet-black hair stuck up in every direction, damp with sweat. ‘rays weren’t known for being cool rides.
“Should I get you some ice for the burn?” She teased.
He huffed and pushed himself away from the hull, getting close enough that he blocked the sun. “Next time you won’t defeat me so easily.”
“I’m looking forward to it.” If he thought he could intimidate her, he was wrong. Years spent racing overconfident guys had steeled her for any sort of encounter. But her remark lit up his face in an unexpected smile. He extended his hand and said: “Challenge accepted.”
She shook his hand. “You better check your six, English.”

The Week in Review, 6.11.2016

Man, getting into the blogging groove again after such a long time is HARD. Besides, with the clocks going back an hour last Sunday, I felt not quite myself all week and the addition of a puplic holiday on Tuesday just added to the confusion.

The weather around here is gearing up for winter, yesterday was especially horrible with all day rain. The less than stellar weather wasn’t keeping me from digging in dirt and (re)potting a lot of plants to make their survival in the coming season of darkness more likely. I also put my cacti and succulents that aren’t frost hardy into the basement for the first time, which makes me sort of queasy. Not because I think they don’t like the cooler place (1) but I fear I will completely forget them and they’ll die. I’m keeping track of all the plants and the spots they’re in during winter in my bullet journal (2) and will do a review in spring how everybody did. I’m also doing an experiment at the (notoriously) dark office: I bought a 10€ LED reading light (3) to brighten up the day of my current desk dwellers: A sempervivum, a tiny aloe and an euphorbia.

I’ll keep you posted in regular intervalls on how this experiment is going. I’ll call it a success if they haven’t grown towards the window in three months. And if they’ve grown at all.

After a lot of thinking back and forth I finally decided to publish Beginnings (4) as it is. There are still parts that would profit from a do-over, but if I’ll start fiddling with it again, I’d end up ripping it apart for a second time, and it would take a year to put it back together again. So I’m saving the ideas, that I technically could put in there, for a second part. I also decided that I’ll publish it in increments here. That makes it harder for those pesky pirates and stupid crawlers to steal it. And I have a blog post ready every week. Win-win! I’m itching to go back to writing, but it has to wait until January. There are some things on my To do List that need attention too, and I now know what a devastating effect writing has on my ability to focus on anything else, so I try to do these first. And honestly, with working full-time, it takes a lot of discipline to get up early and write every morning. I have no clue how I managed to do it for two years, but I right now, I’m all in for an extra hour of sleep.

Okay, that’s it from me for today. Have a great start into the week, y’all!

(1) Significantly cooler than their usual hiding spot: the bathroom.
(2) Another reason to love this system.
(3) I needed something that could be powered via USB, as we don’t have any free power plugs left. Hence a cheap-o reading light.
(4) It will get a new title, though. I’m seeing a lot more stories that could take place at Westerhaven Space Force Academy and in Meadow Junction, and there are some minor characters like Eddy the mechanic that I love but who I can’t carry over into space adventures, so it’ll need something that would work as a serial.

let’s get the ball rolling again

Hi there! *plops in*
It’s been a loooooooong while since I wrote here last. So long, that I had forgotten the logins for both the admin and the writer accounts. *hangs head in shame* And goodness gracious, did a lot happen in that year since my last post. Let’s try a recap.

1) I got married.
Uhm yes. We did the thing we never planned to do, and promised to be there for each other in good times and in bad, through sickness and in health until death rips us apart. Well, actually, it wasn’t THAT dramatic. But it was wonderful, and exciting and everything we wanted it to be. I’ll tell you all about it in another post. And I’ll maybe even add pictures.

2) I bought a car.
Also a thing I never really had on the agenda, but opportunity struck, and now I’m the proud owner of Janis, a 1993 Mercedes C-Class, which is not-yet vintage, but classic enough for me to not confuse me with a gazillion gimmicks. And just like with the dishwasher, I’m kicking myself for not getting one sooner.

3) I finished Beginnings.
I don’t know how I did it, not with wedding planning and two major meetings to organize at work, but I somehow managed to write over 50.000 words. To my utter amazement it’s a whole story and I didn’t give up, even though there were moments I really wanted to quit. I still haven’t decided how I’ll publish it. Maybe as a serial on the blog first, and then as an ebook? It still needs some sort of cover graphic thingamagick, too.

4) Other hijinks.
Besides these major life events we also had to deal with a rotten drain pipe in the kitchen and a broken fridge. I’ll tell you, living without a fridge for 3 months can seriously up your stress-levels. It took so long to replace, because the old fridge was too young to die on us and the manufacturer eventually agreed and offered us a new one for half the price. But that took time.

Okay, I think that was all… and I promise, I won’t keep you waiting another year for the next blog post. 😛

sunday snippet

I worked a lot on “Beginnings” the last few days, finally cleared out the excess words and laid out the structure for the last few chapters. And I also wrote an awful lot that isn’t showing up in the statistic, because I deleted much more. Gnah. Frustrating. Anyway, here’s a glimpse at the words that ‘do not count':

There were three reasons Adelie preferred the Lemon Tree over every other diner in town. First, it was never crowded, despite the fact that it was practically next to the airbase. Second, the hot dogs. The Lemon Tree’s hot dogs were special. The bun always had a crackly crust and a fluffy inside, not spongy like cheap ones. The roasted onions were crisp and caramelised to perfection. The hot dog itself was always indeed hot and not lukewarm like in other places. The ketchup was home-cooked, a chunky red sauce with a spicy aftertaste, and Adelie often just ordered fries because of it. The third reason was, of course, the handsome guy behind the counter, who currently smiled at her while she finished her hot dog. Nate was the main reason she dropped by because it was an easy way to see him during their busy days. He worked three shifts a week, which ate up a considerable amount of his free time. Outside the big windows, the first fall storm played chase with the leaves. Inside, the Lemon Tree’s owner, Trudy, was busy putting up some fall themed decorations, mainly pumpkins.
“Do you have rugby training tonight?” Adelie asked, pushing back the empty dish.
“Yeah, it’s going to be a hoot in this weather. Let’s hope there’ll be no rain, that makes everything so slippery.” Nate collected her dish and brought it into the kitchen.
As he returned she said: “I’m going to think of you, while I curl up on my love seat, reading a good book and drinking hot cocoa.”
He shot her a dirty look and walked around the counter to sit down on a bar stool next to her. The diner was empty so he could keep her company for a while. His handsomeness was off the charts today, with the little stubble on his chin and the lick of black chest hair that was visible under the v-neck of his t-shirt. The navy blue of his hoodie set off the bright blue of his eyes even more. She wanted to slide her hands over his chest, under its thick fabric where his warmth would be waiting for her. His nearness was the best antidote against any heartache she was still harbouring.
“It’s unfair,” she murmured.
“Pardon?” He took her hands. “What’s unfair?”
“Your handsomeness.”


Happy Friday, everyone! How are you all? I had this week off, because I needed to do something with five (!!!) unplanned vacation days. Oh, the luxury. (1) So, what did I do? I cleaned, mostly. After I don’t know how many weeks of soaring temperatures and having to store all the balcony stuff inside due to paint works going on outside, my house was a hell hole. A mess. A disaster. And this state always makes me extremely unhappy, short tempered and not a nice person. But – balcony is ready to be occupied again, all the plants are back outside, as is the bean bag and I can walk around without tripping over anything – time to bust out the vaccuum cleaner and go to work.

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I’m also working (very slowly though) on a redesign of this very page. I had the hardest time to decide on a colour scheme and am still not happy with it. For some reason designing for myself is the most difficult thing. My brain always draws a blank when I want to think up pretty things for myself.

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I wrote too, but not as much as I wanted to, because: cleaning. Lounging in aforementioned bean bag and reading was also a top priority. I’m on vacation after all. I also climbed back on the working out band waggon, which had taken a back seat during all this heat. Although I’m seeing results with my current routine, I decided to follow a program named Spartan Trials. (2) I did the first day yesterday and nearly fainted… yeah, working out while it has 34°C outside maybe wasn’t the greatest idea. Luckily, today is an “abs day” – THIS I can do without fainting. I love doing crunches, sit-up, etc… After a motherfucker of a thunderstorm last night it’s also significantly cooler today. I fear that was it for temperatures over the 30°C degree line… *sniff* I love heat.

So, what’ve you been up to? I’d love to hear from your adventures.

(1) Well, I still had them because I couldn’t take my usual week off in March. So there.
(2) I found darebee.com on Pinterest a few weeks ago. They have awesome workouts, aren’t sponsored and totally free. Go check it out.