The Bikes

Introductions are in order, I think.

2010 Electra “Townie Euro 3i” dubbed “Lizzie Delight”

the ride

The first bike I ever bought. Not my first bike, though. I think I never loved a bike that much, not even my turquoise Pegasus, which I rode as a kid. Being my prized possession, it lives a sheltered and pampered life, with loads of maintenance. In return it carries me safely to and from work, and makes me smile. 3 gears, almost cruiser geometry, quite heavy.

1983(?) Sursee “Flamboyant”

While typing this, the bike lays disassembled into a thousand parts on my living room floor. But it will make a come back. Found in the bike cellar, adopted because it is pretty. Will most likely live an equally sheltered and pampered life as Lizzie. Might be dubbed “Flamboyant Phoenix”, because it will rise and shine again.