What’s this?

What’s this?

This is a personal blog. I don’t blog for money or fame or the most attention. I blog about stuff for others to enjoy.

In the year 2012 I fell in love with bikes. You know, those two-pedaled contraptions that get you to places by muscle power. I had bought my brand new Electra Townie the year before, but sometimes it takes a while until the penny drops. As many things, bikes as a hobby seem to be a male thing. Not the riding, but the tinkering. I guess it’s the mechanical part. So the main purpose of this blog is trying to get more girls into riding bikes and tinkering. If you want to see my rides, take a look here.

But as I am a multi-interested and very creative person, there might be other stuff too. Just so you know.

So who’s blogging?

My name is Diana, I’m 32 years old and I live in South Germany. My home is a quaint little village just outside of Freiburg. I share my flat with a gazillion of plants and my boyfriend. For a living I dabble in “something with marketing” in a very nice company.

I am a domestic goddess in training, a manic crafter, a capable home-improver and a wanna-be author. I’m also a Scooby Doo lunatic and a Whovian, I recently discovered the wonderful world of Star Trek, after being a Star Wars fan (sort of, I still stick with the original three movies) for years. I also love the wierd and cooky Addams Family.