adding another level of insanity

I have completed two full months of my “insane project” aka publishing a story every Sunday the intire year. And I can be very proud of myself, because so far I didn’t drop the ball once. And I have every intend to carry on. Naturally, assigning top priority to writing has it’s drawbacks. The day has only so many hours, and squeezing in two blogs, cooking, sleeping, story writing, oogling pretty bikes, watching several television series and spending quality time with your spouse is difficult. The house is pretty much in shambles. My weekends consist of trying to devide myself between getting the story ready for publishing and squeezing in time to watch Star Trek or Doctor Who with the man. Somehow I get it done, but only at the expense of the cleanliness of the house. Not satisfying, but one cannot have it all. I comfort myself with saying that I can clean when I’m running out of story ideas. And that will take a while.

At the beginning of the year, with being on vacation and having ample alone time in the evenings as the man was working the late shift, getting writing done during the week wasn’t so much of a problem. But I let it slip, and now it’s rather difficult to get into my writing mode after work. Especially when there’s a brand new DVD set with all the Addam’s Family episodes waiting… ahem. Being tired is also an excuse.

I prefer to write while being alone. It’s possible with the man in the room, but it works better when I’m alone. Having a brain that hasn’t been turned into something that feels like pink candyfloss at the dayjob in eight grinding hours is also very much preferred. Coming next week I decided to try and get up an hour earlier – to have undisturbed time with a fresh brain. I’m not really sleeping after 5am anyway, so why not get up and use the time? That would leave me the Saturday to edit the story and schedule it for publishing Sunday morning, I won’t feel bad in the evenings because I’m not writing and maybe there will also be time left to do some cleaning. Sunday would be free for spending undisturbed and guiltfree time with my loved one. I’m excited to see how this plan works out and how my inner weaker self will try talking me into staying in bed.

I admit, getting up an hour earlier that one has to, for a project that’s not paying in neither money nor attention, sounds stupid. But I’m so so so happy to have found the confidence in my voice again, that I want to give it my best me. Even if that means to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 o’clock in the morning.1

1. I’m a morning person. My brain just snaps into working mode with little to no warm-up time, so that’s a big plus in this endeavour.

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