those were the days…

I finally got access to my Twitter archive, after waiting for what felt like ages. I’m a firm believer that early adopters should get the new stuff before everybody else does, but apparently things don’t work that way. We only get our accounts hacked.

So, anyway, Twitter archives. Oh sweet baby Jesus… I’m on Twitter since its humble beginnings, and although I don’t tweet as much as others do, I have like 26k tweets under my belt. That’s a lot to read, I tell ya. And I learned a thing or two about myself. For example, I have now a neat track on the multitude of ways I like to accidentally hurt myself. Hot glue is just one way of many.
I also can now experience the pains of finishing university all over again. And all the self-doubt afterwards. Which promptly sent me into an episode of feeling like the greatest academic failure, until I reminded myself that a) I don’t work as a scholar and b) I do indeed have a job that supports me and is mostly fun.

Thankfully, the Twitter archive is not only good for going through old pain. I made great friends there, and it was nice to reread some of the conversations. Or check when exactly the first tweet exchange happened. Or rediscover cool stuff that you linked to 3 years ago.

Some tidbits:
- the person I tweeted most with is @bexxi
- @Duncrow and I found each other via @chiloe who sadly isn’t tweeting anymore
- my first @-reply was to @Kisa‘s old account
- there are some with whom I had constantly close contact with for years, like @nome_home, @marv_p and @rabbitroodle – and then there were bouts of contact with others that now I don’t follow anymore, sometimes I didn’t even know anymore who they were! That was freaky…

Do you have access to your old tweets? What did you find out? Or would you rather not know?

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