the year of reviving old hobbies

2013 seems to be the year in which I revive long neglected hobbies. First writing, and right now, I feel a growing pull towards photography. No, not only taking pictures with the new camera, but also re-learning composition, technique and training my eye again. Scrolling through my flickr-Stream, I found some pictures from a time when a camera was always with me… and I thought: Did I take this picture? Wow.

This is one of my all-time favourites, I just love the red tag in the midst of the blue fabrics.

innsbruck bei nacht
I can’t remember how I shot this one, as I’m sure as hell wasn’t lugging around a tripod through Innsbruck.

The one and only wedding picture I ever took that I actually like. I photographed countless weddings for my friends, but I’m no people photographer, and my inner perfectionist was never happy.

chain II
I used to find motives in the most mundane settings…

… and apparently went to great lengths to get my shot. I also can’t remember how I managed to photograph soapbubbles. Alone. Without an assistant.




missing summer

Needless to ask where my photographic passion lies though… I will always love taking pictures of flowers. And their insect friends. The old Nikon was a great companion, and I might drag her around as long as her battery life allows for milking that macro lens.

I also realised that I became a hermit in recent years. Pretty much since finishing Uni, to be exact. As if that drama around writing the thesis (don’t want to get reminded about that, huh) and finding a job stiffled all my creative energy and the will to venture out into the wild world. Happy to feel it coming back. And happy to have a new camera to use all that creativity with. *dives into her photography books*

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