that food thing

“You are soooo skinny!” I don’t know how often I hear that. Yes, I am. Always have been. And if you want to know the secret behind it: Don’t eat much. Especially not cake.

Truth to be told, I really do not eat much. My eating habits are sometimes frightfully bad. I won’t say I have a disorder, but I certainly could do better. Some weeks ago I read an article about an anorexic top manager. They included pictures of his weightloss process, and I had some sort of epiphany. The proverbial light bulb made “pling” and I finally understood my mom and what she means when she says: “You are too thin!!” His hollowed out cheeks made me realise that I’m not far away from this look AT ALL.

I did some research and figured out how much I would have to gain to get into the “healthy” range of the BMI: 4kg. Doesn’t sound too hard. Won’t hurt either. I know, people who struggle with their weight on the other side of the spectrum might find that enviable, but for people like me with no drive to eat much and a fast metabolism it’s not exactly easy to gain weight. I can’t look at a piece of chocolate and magically gain a pound. I could eat the whole bar and won’t see an effect.
Fun fact: If I would get out of the skinny range at all, I might have to gain 20kg. I can’t imagine how I would look like then.

I evaluated my eating habits, and found that I’m more likely to eat when it’s easily available. If I have to go shopping first, there’s a high possibility that my lazy self wins until I’m not hungry anymore. Yes, I know that is a hell of a lot scary. I also could eat more while at the office, although my eating habits are generally better and more regular on work days. So, planning might be a key.

Then I found that I naturally gravitate more towards food that’s not rich in calories. I LOVE vegetables. I rarely eat sweet stuff at all, except an occasional piece of cake at the office.

Conclusion: If I really want to gain these 4kg, I should plan, shop and prepare in advance, eat more regularly and more calory rich food. Ugh. But, being a responsible grown-up woman I might as well take good care of myself, and excuses are boring.

I recently got in that Bento trend for real, as the boyfriend didn’t object to get lunch packs from me. It’s easier to prepare stuff for two persons, so I simply have to add on to my lunch pack to turn it from one lunch into one lunch and two snacks. Preferably of the calory dense variety. Now I just have to find a solution for the dinner problem. Cooking when all I want to do is passing out on the sofa is haaaaard.

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