12/06/2015 um 22:25

cover reveal and a time line

Despite the fact that I design stuff on a daily basis (and get so much praise for it that sometimes leaves me uncomfortable), I have the hardest time to come up with designs for my own things. There have been moments when I nearly asked my designer friends to take over. I know what I want, but it takes a[…]

01/06/2015 um 22:08

the venues of meadow junction – the marmoset

It just came to me that Meadow Junction has a pretty interesting offering on restaurants, diners and nightclubs for such a small town attached to an airbase. My next thought was: How would their logos look like? And why don’t you design them for reals? Sometimes I listen to my stupid ideas… Because my brain is stuck in a dark,[…]

11/04/2015 um 19:41

new ride

I think I need to put bike shops on the list of stores I’m not allowed to enter – right next to book and home decor stores. It has the potential of getting a quite pricey experience. But you see, as I was window shopping with a very good friend yesterday, I fell in love. Badly. This is what caught[…]

02/02/2015 um 09:00

don’t tell me the moon is shining

26/01/2015 um 09:00

life is chaos

19/01/2015 um 09:00

your intuition knows what to write

13/01/2015 um 20:54

new logo and new cover

It was just a matter of time until I would find flaws with my initial branding. Too big. Too colourful. Too dominant. Yadda yadda yadda. Doing stuff for yourself is always tricky, because you’re the only one responsible – there’s nobody to bounce around ideas or to brainstorm with. Luckily I don’t put anything into print at the moment… Anyhoo,[…]

12/01/2015 um 09:00

an intimate letter to a stranger

05/01/2015 um 09:00

no iron can stab the heart with such force

29/12/2014 um 09:00

trust your own madness

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