Emerald International

03/01/2015 um 19:13

White Christmas – finally there!

After receiving the final part of the edits (Thanks, Tack!!!) I didn’t waste any time and prepared the long anticipated (1) Christmas story for publication. After a test-run with Summer dreamin’ yesterday it didn’t take long to assemble all the files. Yes – files! My stories are now also available in .epub and .mobi formats, and if you need something[…]

29/11/2014 um 18:56

Summer Dreams of Beaches and Motorcycles

Not yet ready for winter or *gasp* Christmas? How about a day at the beach instead, complete with a picnic, a bonfire and the obligatory splash in the freezing waves? How about riding a motorcycle in the sunshine? As I very much needed a break from the Apples, I began writing the Christmas short story that had lodged itself into[…]

29/12/2013 um 23:26

a silly little christmas story

I know, Christmas has already left the building and I’m late to the party. But I had the idea before Christmas, so there. This is for my very special friend T. – monkey brain partner extraordinaire, writing pal and all around marvellous guy. Thank you for always asking for more apple bites, for offering your opinion and not letting me[…]

29/10/2013 um 22:19

ride on the wild side – a short story

He just had managed to squirt engine oil into his face, as he noticed a royal blue poodle skirt with an embroidered Camaro jet next to him. Only one woman on the base would wear a jet on a poodle skirt while showing up in the workshop, so he didn’t bother to look up, instead trying to get the oil[…]

24/08/2013 um 10:33

how to combine beauty procedures with writing

Plans for today: 1) Soak hair in alcohol to strip remnants of horrible purple-black hair dye 2) Write as much as you can while hair soaks 3) Wash hair and put new dye on it 4) Write some more while hair dye sets 5) Rinse hair dye off 6) Write some more while hair dries Let’s see how this goes.[…]

10/06/2013 um 22:29

Emerald International: 5 questions for… the baroness

Barney, the radio talk show host: Welcome dear listeners, to another episode of “5 questions for…”! Today we sit down with one of Emerald One’s most deadly personalities, United Space Force pilot and flying ace Baroness Adelie von Klaiber. Welcome Baroness, how do you you do? Adelie: Hello Barney, I fine. Barney: Let us jump right in, with our very[…]

10/05/2013 um 09:00

Emerald International – You asked for it

DeeDee Domingo was one of the brightest scientists on Emerald One. But her razorsharp intellect and vast knowledge of forest life down on Imion Beta couldn’t save her from falling prey to the hungry eyes of John Johnson, a waiter at the Blue Bayou. He was taken by her sleek black hair and sparkly green eyes as she was enjoying[…]

04/05/2013 um 14:14

Emerald International – Special Assignment

“Mooooorning!” Nate Havisham’s deep voice was booming through the office. The bunch of staff girls beamed at him while he was heading for his commander’s desk, coffee cup in one hand, charming smile on his lips. “Good morning, Lieutenant Havisham. How are you doing?”, they cooed, swooning over his ruffled hair as soon as his back was turned towards them.[…]

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