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White Christmas – finally there!


After receiving the final part of the edits (Thanks, Tack!!!) I didn’t waste any time and prepared the long anticipated (1) Christmas story for publication. After a test-run with Summer dreamin’ yesterday it didn’t take long to assemble all the files. Yes – files! My stories are now also available in .epub and .mobi formats, and if you need something else, let me know and I see what I can do.

cover_christmas_storyThis was all very exciting and at times nerve-wracking – and I don’t mean the writing, which was its usual beast. But figuring out a branding (2), finding pictures for the cover that bring across what this story is about and then putting them together, to finally figuring out how this whole ebook stuff works, putting in Copyright notices and everything. It suddenly feels so real. Not just foolin’ around, no, like really publishing something. The usual panic of “Oh dear, will anybody like it?” almost pales in comparison. But of course I panic, now that I put in so much extra work on top of writing.

So what is it about?
Adelie has never really celebrated Christmas, so she and Nate come to Eden in the dead of winter to do exactly that. They have a cozy cottage, a tree and most importantly time for each other… but then a freak snow storm moves in. What happens then, well – see for yourself.

SPOILER ALERT: As a fair warning, I have to say that this happens after the events of The Apples of Eden. There’s nothing in there that gives away anything what happens in the book, but, well – there’s a lot of kissing and hugging and if you want to know first how they fell in love, you should give this a pass. 😉

So, here it is, my youngest brain child – “White Christmas”

(1) At least that’s what I’m telling myself…
(2) Which I now have to keep consistent, oh lord…

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Summer Dreams of Beaches and Motorcycles


Not yet ready for winter or *gasp* Christmas? How about a day at the beach instead, complete with a picnic, a bonfire and the obligatory splash in the freezing waves? How about riding a motorcycle in the sunshine?

As I very much needed a break from the Apples, I began writing the Christmas short story that had lodged itself into my head a few weeks ago, and which I couldn’t write because of a certain word goal for the Apples. Today it dawned on me that I never actually published another short story I wrote in August, as I was longing for, well, a proper summer. And a beach and a motorcycle. As the Christmas story will take a while to finish, have a sweet summer story instead. It’s been a while since I published anything anyway. Here’s an excerpt:

They reached the end of the little town and traffic became non-existent. The road stretched out before them, and Nate opened the throttle up a notch. With a burbling sound the machine pulled effortlessly along the tarmac, trees and meadows rolling by. Hay was drying and Adelie inhaled the sweet scent deeply. The smell of summer. The sun shone warm on their backs and the wind made a mess out of their hair. She leaned her cheek against his broad back and closed her eyes.

Download it here.

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a silly little christmas story

I know, Christmas has already left the building and I’m late to the party. But I had the idea before Christmas, so there. This is for my very special friend T. – monkey brain partner extraordinaire, writing pal and all around marvellous guy. Thank you for always asking for more apple bites, for offering your opinion and not letting me off the hook. And last but not least: Thank you for all your proof-reading. I couldn’t do it without you. Continue reading

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ride on the wild side – a short story

He just had managed to squirt engine oil into his face, as he noticed a royal blue poodle skirt with an embroidered Camaro jet next to him. Only one woman on the base would wear a jet on a poodle skirt while showing up in the workshop, so he didn’t bother to look up, instead trying to get the oil off his face, with minor success.
“Hello Baroness. Where’d you been all day?” he mumbled into the stained cloth with which he was wiping his face. “Shooting. Warner wanted me to test something. How’s the Beast doing?” Her voice always reminded him of a church bell. He finally wasn’t dripping black ooze all over anymore, and turned around, propping his elbow onto the huge red Triumph motorcycle behind him. They had named it affectionately the Beast, as it came up with something or other all the time. But when it was running, it had a beautiful sound and was a smooth ride. Continue reading

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how to combine beauty procedures with writing

Plans for today:

1) Soak hair in alcohol to strip remnants of horrible purple-black hair dye
2) Write as much as you can while hair soaks
3) Wash hair and put new dye on it
4) Write some more while hair dye sets
5) Rinse hair dye off
6) Write some more while hair dries

Let’s see how this goes. Let’s hope I manage to squeeze 3000 words out of my brain.

Edit at 10pm: It was quite the successful day, have new hair colour and am just 60 words shy of the 2000 mark. Not the 3000 I was aiming for, but I think I never have written 3000 words in a day, so… I’m happy.

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Emerald International: 5 questions for… the baroness

Barney, the radio talk show host: Welcome dear listeners, to another episode of “5 questions for…”! Today we sit down with one of Emerald One’s most deadly personalities, United Space Force pilot and flying ace Baroness Adelie von Klaiber. Welcome Baroness, how do you you do?

Adelie: Hello Barney, I fine.

Barney: Let us jump right in, with our very first question. It’s a classic. If you could only take three things to a remote island, what would that be, and why?

Adelie: Oh dear. First thing, impractical as it might seem, would be the concert grand. I never go anywhere without my beloved instrument. Second would be that chest of books I never had time to read since I’m not on nightshifts anymore. Now for the third thing… remote island sounds quite tropical and sunny, so I better pack enough sunscreen, or my sensitive skin would be burnt in no time.

Barney: Yes, my skin is also very sensitive, since it got used to this dark space life. Alrighty, that was our first question, here is the second one. Since you mentioned a chest of books… what is your favourite book?

Adelie: Oh, that’s an easy one: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Barney: Really? You astonish me, I never thought that a tough cookie like you would read romance.

Adelie: It reminds me very much of the life I left behind and don’t want to go back to.

Barney: Oh… you sure are full of surprises. Let us get to our third question: Where would you like to go on an extended holiday?

Adelie: Well, I see a lot of magnificent places all the time, due to carrying our esteemed scientists to and from Imion Beta, but I’d really like to spend some time on the third moon of Barnaby Zeta. It’s such an enchanted place, I have never seen anything quite like it. Flowers as big a bathtubs, trees so huge words fail them…

Barney: Sounds exciting indeed. Our next question is, as we’re all chronically overworked: What’s your best recipe against stress?

Adelie: Oh yeah – who’s not constantly stressed out around here? After a really long and hard day, I don’t do much besides filling up a bubble bath, putting some Beethoven on the stereo and soak until I’m shrivelled up like a dried prune. If the day was just long, I go to my favourite malt shop and order a tall Root Beer Float.

Barney: Oh, Root Beer Floats, I like those too! For our last and final question, I’d like to know what’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Adelie: – laughs – You mean, besides indulging in Floats way too often? You know that little bakery on the N-level? It’s tucked behind one of those big sandwhich bars. They make a really mean chocolate cake, which is still gooey on the inside, and so so good.

Barney: And that’s it. Thank you very much Baroness, for dropping in on your tight schedule, and have a safe next flight.

Adelie: Thank you Barney, for having me. It was great fun!

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Inspiration Station/ Emerald International: Transit


Transit by *Gryphart on deviantART

The roar of the departing ship’s engines drowned every other noise. The hot wind of Zetadunia, a peninsula on Lardverk One in the Sapphire Sector, blew parts of desert in her face, as she headed towards the glistening roofs of the baracks at the end of the airfield, her home for the forseeable future. She longed to drop off her backpack. It was heavy and containing everything a girl might need on a two week training on one of the most hostile planets in the sector: underwear, sunscreen, enough clean socks and that new heavy-duty, longlasting lipstick in a burned red.

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Emerald International – You asked for it

DeeDee Domingo was one of the brightest scientists on Emerald One. But her razorsharp intellect and vast knowledge of forest life down on Imion Beta couldn’t save her from falling prey to the hungry eyes of John Johnson, a waiter at the Blue Bayou. He was taken by her sleek black hair and sparkly green eyes as she was enjoying a Banana Split at Jimmy’s Maltshop, unfortunately all by herself. Soon she wished a trap door would swallow her, as he and his slimy compliments made it impossible for her to leave the place politely.

John Johnson saw himself as Emerald One’s Number One Casanova. It never crossed his mind that his attentions were unwanted, or the feelings not mutual. He simply assumed the girl in question “shy”. Poor DeeDee was trapped between him and a wall as he began fondling her knees. All her attempts in stopping him were in vain, as he wasn’t listening. But that would change in a minute.

John felt a rather strong tap on his shoulder and a voice said: “Sir, I think your attentions are not welcome.” Without looking, John answered: “Shove off, I saw her first. Get yourself another bird.” But the intruder didn’t budge. Another tap on the shoulder. “Sir, leave that lady alone.” Annoyed, John swung his swivel chair around. His eyes couldn’t quite believe in what they saw. Behind him stood not an obnoxious fellow man, but a strikingly beautiful woman. And a classy one, too. She had accessorized her plain blue dress with a white bolero jacket, simple pearl earrings and a hair-do coiffed to perfection. But her brown eyes were cold as steel and her ruby red lips a thin line. “Sir, I ask you one last time to leave that lady alone. She doesn’t want your attentions and looks very uneasy.” “And what will happen if I don’t leave her alone? Will you report me?” John never knew when it was time to retreat. The woman smiled a dangerous smile. “No. I have other means to teach you how to treat a lady.” “Oh really? Bombarding me with powder-puffs? Listen woman, why don’t you go home and bake some cookies. Or dust the shelves. You look like you’d enjoy doing these things.” He turned back to DeeDee and placed his hand on her thigh. “Now, pretty bird, where were we…”

The woman handed her purse over to a bystander. “I really don’t like doing this. You see, I don’t believe in violence – but you asked for it.” She swiveled the chair around again and introduced John’s jaw rather unexpectedly to her fist. “I said, ‘Leave that lady alone.'” Pushed, Johns back met the malt shop counter in a most painful way. His jaw was hurting. Forgetting his already slim stash of good manners, he charged at her, only to be greeted by a grip that took all his momentum and had him flying onto a table. The table, unaccustomed to such behaviour, promptly collapsed in shock. John’s head was a bit dizzy, but he still hadn’t come to his senses. Mad with rage he stared at that woman who barely had a wrinkle in her dress. He tried another attempt, and this time he got at least close… only to find his right arm twisted mercylessly behind his back.
“Listen Buster, I’m a trained soldier, a spaceship commander and on my period. You don’t have a chance. So, why don’t you apologize to the lady and go to charm school?” He tried to wiggle out of his predicament, but her grip just tightened even further. In fear of getting his shoulder joint dislocated, he finally agreed to apologize to DeeDee. After that rather embarassing incident he took the next shuttle out of Emerald One and never tried to look at a woman again.

“I’m terribly sorry for the mess, Jimmy.” Adelie smoothed some imaginary wrinkles out of her skirt and helped a shellshocked DeeDee out of her corner. “Oh, it’s alright, Baroness. I admire your elegant fighting style so much, it’s always a delight to witness it. Now, how about two Rootbeer Floats for the ladies? One for the shock, and one as a reward?”

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Emerald International – Special Assignment

“Mooooorning!” Nate Havisham’s deep voice was booming through the office. The bunch of staff girls beamed at him while he was heading for his commander’s desk, coffee cup in one hand, charming smile on his lips. “Good morning, Lieutenant Havisham. How are you doing?”, they cooed, swooning over his ruffled hair as soon as his back was turned towards them.

“Commander Klaiber, you wanted to see me?” When in public and not on the ship, he always used the offical adress. The Baroness looked up from the papers she was working on, pretending she hadn’t noticed his entry. She miraculously seemed to be immune against the charms of her First Officer. “Good morning, Lieutenant Havisham.” She too steered away from a too casual adress while on duty on the space station. “There is some sort of precious cargo that has to be picked up, and Colonel Kravelski thought that you are the right man for this job.” Smiling, she handed him a slip of paper. He picked it up with rising curiosity. “A princess?!” Gobsmacked he sat down on the nearest seat, almost placing himself in the trashcan by accident. Adelie politely searched for a pen in one of her drawers.

After both had successfully recovered their composure, Adelie told him a bit more about Her Gloryness Princess Anna. She was traveling from a distant colony to another, and had to make a stop-over on Emerald One. “That means I have to wear dress, right?” Nate moaned, while happy sighs from the girls triggered a stern glance from Adelie. She nodded, her face expressionless. “But it’s so, so… pink!” “It’s magenta.” “There’s a difference?”

“Why me? Why isn’t Kravelski welcoming her himself? Or you? What do I have to do with this Princess Gloryanna?” Nate was clearly unhappy with the prospect of having to welcome a princess, sporting a magenta blazer and a pair of the tightest pants in uniform history.

“First, it’s Her Gloryness Princess Anna. Second, as you know, Kravelski has the flu and is in sickbay. And I already have to attend the budget meeting in his place because of the princess. The General is away on that supersecret training mission with the other Colonels.”
Nate made a face and gave up. The Baroness took a glance at her papers. “Oh, I almost forgot. She’s from one of those colonies that believe too much clothing is inhibiting the spirit. And apparently she’s also very beautiful.” Suddenly the very tight pants seemed like a godsend.

As Nate finally had left, of course not without flashing his gorgeous smile at the girls while simulatiously saluting, sending them into a tizzy, somebody said: “He’s kind of cute when he’s distressed, isn’t he?”

It took the girls a moment to realise that it came from the Commander.

Emerald International is an experiment and a feature for my English speaking readers. Might become a regular thing.

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