awesome note, paper & procreate

I’m still figuring out what I can do with the iPad. It’s been a while that I had a brand new computer, and tablets are a tad bit different from laptops, aren’t they?


These 3 are my most used apps at the moment.

Awesome Note
I already had Awesome Note on the iPod for a very long time. That also means it’s no new kid on the block. It ticks all of my boxes and is pretty1. A lot of “get your stuff together” apps are an eyesore, so that’s a big plus.



  • Folders
  • Lists with tick boxes within notes
  • To do lists (shown in screenshot) with due dates
  • Reminders
  • Recurring events
  • Communicates with iCal app
  • A gazillion of folder colours, backgrounds, icons and fonts to chose from


  • Syncs selected folders with Evernote, so cross-device syncing is possible

I stumbled upon Paper the very first day I got the iPad. It’s marketed as an note taking app in the “Education” collection, targeted at students sitting in lectures. One can certainly use it that way, with a notebook for every lecture, I guess. But if you don’t have a stylus2 the handwriting is a bit clumsy, and certainly not as fast as you might want it to be, sitting in a lecture.



But I can certainly see that app in a brainstorming notetaking kind of way. Sketching, mind maps, etc. The different pens are quite good, with the last update more colours were introduced and there’s even a colour mixer now, which requires an in-app purchase I wasn’t willing to do. That’s the only thing that bugs me about this otherwise really nice app: It costs quite a lot of money, and you still have to fork over more money to get the pens and the colour mixer. At least the new colours were free.

Paper showed me how nice it is to have a digital canvas, I used to draw a lot pre-computer times. But perfectionist that I am, pencils and paper are cumbersome. So I looked for drawing programs, and Procreate is my personal iPad version of Photoshop. A very nice collection of pens, inks and airbrushes, all adjustable to needs, You can zoom into your work as deep as you want and you can mix your own colours. Now I only have to get my rusty skills oiled.