what i learned this week

I learned…

- What a “Whiskey Delta” is and what “Sierra Hotel” means.
- How to correctly dissolve starch in liquid, and in the same process I also discovered not-newtonian fluids.
- That being stubborn sometimes gets you what you want (In this case a language link on the bottom of every page).
- That barbeque sauces make nice bases for gravy.
- How to make applebutter.
- That you can rock Bikini Bottom and live like Spongebob Squarepants in a Pineapple

What did you learn this week?

cartoons by awesome ladies

It’s no secret that I love comics and cartoons. And I want to share with you three of my favourites, because lady cartoonists need more love!

First, I want to introduce you to the awesome, hilariously funny and multi-talented Naomi Fearn, which I had the honour to actually meet in Berlin, after reading her comic strip Zuckerfisch for years. Thank you Twitter, for that. Zuckerfisch is auto-biographical, has cute bunnies and is in German. New strips are usually posted Thursdays.

The next strip is Snap Crackle Pop by the wonderful Kit Fox from Hawaii. Also roughly auto-biographical, but with a more supernatural twist. I just love Finn the Dragon, and Bacon, the flying pig. As you can see, I clearly have a thing with talking animals. Updates usually once a week and the comic is in English.

Then we have the Ordinary Batman Adventures by the lovely Sarah Johnson, because every girl needs some whimsical animated Batman in her life. No regular updates, and no language skills required.

What have you been reading?